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Donut Man

The famed strawberry doughnuts from The Donut Man have been on my to-do list for many years.

The small shop in Glendora, with an address on Route 66, has been around for forty years and is open 24 hours a day. People come from all over to try the famous strawberry donuts as well other donut creations. There is usually a line, but it moves pretty fast.

This weekend, I finally got to try it out.

Since we had come all this way, we had to try a few donuts.

Strawberry Donut

At $3.75, this isn’t cheap, but it’s packed with fresh glazed strawberries, sandwiched in between a fluffy glazed donut. The sweet red berries are definitely the star of the donut. It was actually hard to tell how good the donut itself is because you really don’t taste the donut portion.

I’ve had fresh berry donuts before, but nothing quite as magnificent looking as this. We couldn’t wait to dig in. Mr. K and I both enjoyed eating this, though we also felt it wouldn’t be too hard to replicate with a plain glazed donut and some glazed strawberries.

To ensure fresh ingredients, the strawberry donut are only available during the strawberry season (late winter, early spring). In summer, they offer a fresh peach donut.

Tiger Tail

Mr. K couldn’t wait any longer. That’s his strawberry one with a few bites missing in the corner.

Our favorite creation was actually the tiger tail. The foot-long twisted glaze donut has a thin ribbon of chocolate running through it, giving it a unique look and taste. I was also impressed with how well these donuts held up. Yeast donuts usually don’t taste nearly as good the next day, but these tasted just as fresh the next morning. We’d definitely get this again.

We also got a regular glazed donut and a few glazed old-fashioned donuts. I enjoyed the glazed donut which still had a pillowy softness the next day. The old-fashioned had an ingredient added that I couldn’t identify but didn’t really care for.

Overall, we had a good experience here. They offer solid donuts, the non-stop hours is a huge plus, and the fresh fruit donuts are a mouth-watering treat. I do wish that it wasn’t so far away from the areas of LA I usually visit, otherwise I’d stop by more often.

You can also read about The Donut Man on Pink Candles at Ridgemont High.

The Donut Man
915 E Route 66
Glendora, California 91741

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12 comments on “Donut Man”

  1. Hi Kirbie- I was just at Dunkin’ Donuts downtown and they had sour cream donuts (didn’t get one though) and I do remember they had sour cream ones at Tim Hortons in Canada.

    • I think most old fashioned usually have sour cream in them, at least the recipes I’ve come across. I will have to try DD’s version next time.

  2. Impressive that they still taste fresh after a day! This place has been on my to-do list forever, too. I think I’d actually prefer the peach version in the summer rather than strawberry, haha. And I LOL’ed when I saw the donut with a bite taken out of it! S does it all the time and I have to find new angles for the pictures, hehe.

    • Mr. K was trying to find ways to hide it but he couldn’t without completely hiding the second strawberry donut. He was just so excited to bite in! He got so much glaze on his face eating it. haha. I think I might prefer eating peach more too but red glistening berries definitely look really mouthwatering

  3. I saw this originally on Darlene’s blog and I saw CC’s post – definitely need to put this on my “to visit” list for our next trip to LA. I love the color and pop of the red on the strawberries! The peach donut sounds really good, too.

    • I heard about Donut Man a few years ago, but it’s so out in the middle of nowhere so I never went. After CC went, I was determined to make the special trip

  4. SO that’s what it looks like in the daytime haha.

    Yay! You guys were able to go! I really liked the Tiger Tail! I wish it came in a mini size though. The strawberries were so sweet! I hope to go here when they offer their peach donuts.

    • haha, yup! I was debating whether to go at day or night but I figured daytime might be better. I loved the tiger tail. It would be nice if it was smaller. Each one is definitely meant for two people.

  5. If those are the old-fashioned in the upper right corner, the mystery ingredient you can’t identify might be sour cream. I don’t know if you have sour cream doughnuts in the states but those look almost identical to the Tim Horton’s sour cream glazed doughnut.

    • I’ve had sour cream in old fashioned doughnuts before. I don’t mind it. It was something else…Oh well. Thanks for your suggestion!

  6. Wow – those strawberry donuts are one of a kind – looks so tasty!

    • It seriously is magnificent to look at. I’ve had other fresh strawberry filled donuts before but they don’t compare to this one in terms of the sheer amount of strawberries used.