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Donut Panic

Donut Panic is a bakery offering a variety of donuts, but has become especially well known for their vegan donuts. After reading and hearing good things, I had to make sure to visit before the end of the year.

The outside signage still says Sunshine Donuts, which is the former occupant.

Once inside, you’ll find all the traditional donuts on the right side of the display case  and about a dozen different flavors of vegan donuts on the left of the display case. The vegan donuts include unique flavors like earl grey, rose cardamom, and lemon lavender, inspired by the owner’s father’s Iranian background.

Lemon Lavender

What immediately struck me about these donuts is the texture. It has a crispness to it that I really enjoyed, and they felt very light. They didn’t taste like traditional yeast donuts, which contain eggs and cow’s milk. However, they are in good in their own unique way. I also liked how well they maintained their form, tasting just as crisp and chewy the next day.

The lemon lavender had a light floral flavor. Mr. K was using this occasion to perfect how to bite into the donut so you can see the inside but without it looking unappetizing. He was quite pleased with his bites for the photos.

Rose Cardamom

So many times I’ve found rosewater and cardamom flavored sweets to be overwhelming, but this donut had a subtle rosewater and cardamom flavor that was just right. This was probably our favorite of the three we tried.

Maple ‘Bacon’ Donut

Of the trio we had, this was my least favorite. While the maple frosting did have a smokiness to it, giving it a faux bacon maple flavor, the ‘bacon’ pieces themselves are made of marinated coconut flakes and just didn’t have that meaty texture of bacon.

Overall, we had a really good time here. The donuts were pretty reasonably priced ($1.50 each) when we went and the owners are really friendly. I’ve never tasted vegan donuts before but I really enjoyed these and would come back for more. Please note, the vegan donuts are only served Wed, Sat and Sun after 9 am and Thurs after 11 am. Otherwise you will have to special order them.

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Donut Panic
6171 Mission Gorge Rd Suite 113
San Diego, California

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6 comments on “Donut Panic”

  1. I found your blog thru Buzz feed & so happy, cuz I live in SD too! When I went this shop they only had the regular donuts-I don’t recall the sign for the vegan donut days- and I talked to the owner about the possibility of doing a gluten free. Those flavors look amazing. Also will get your book as i love mug cakes and so does my daughter. Happy new year!

    • I’m so glad you found my blog! I hope it’s helpful for you in finding recipes and food spots in SD. Hmm, that’s too bad they didn’t have the vegan donuts that day. Hopefully they will be there next time and I hope you get to try them!

  2. I’m so glad that you went! Too bad we missed each other by a few hours! 🙁  

    Hopefully you can try her matcha donut next time. Linda rotates the flavors. She and her father are always so nice and friendly.

    • The matcha donut was the main one I was looking for! So sad to miss it. hopefully next time. and yes, it’s too bad we missed each other!

  3. I also really like the texture of the vegan donuts. They always taste so light and airy! I haven’t tried the Rose one, but I’m also a little put off by rosewater but maybe I’ll try it afterall (when they have them again). I like that Linda is always trying out new flavors!