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Donut Touch

Donut Touch is our current go-to donut spot.

Since it’s Friday, my mind is on the weekend and if you follow me on Instagram you know my weekends usually involve donuts for breakfast. The donuts here are soft, fluffy and reasonable priced. We recently bought them on several occasions when we had guests over and they all really loved the donuts.

They have two locations, one in Mira Mesa and one in Scripps Ranch. When it’s early in the morning, we usually go to Mira Mesa. The donuts are, of course, best in the morning when they are still super fresh. If it’s later in the morning, we usually go to the Scripps Ranch location, which gets a lot more foot traffic, so even if you go late morning, they usually still have really fresh donuts.

My favorite is the glazed and the glazed twisted. Mr. K likes those as well and also really likes the mini apple fritter. They also sell the trendy blueberry donut. Both shops close by 3pm and are usually out of most of their stock by early afternoon, so unfortunately, this really is only a morning stop.

Whenever it’s just the two of us, we go in with the full intention of buying just a couple of donuts, but it’s cheaper to buy half a dozen or a full dozen and so somehow we always leave with a half dozen. It’s $.99 for a single, $5.50 for half dozen and $10 for a dozen.

Here are some photos I took from our latest two visits:

You can see my original post for more details.

Happy Friday everyone!

Donut Touch
6755 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92121

12033 Scripps Summit Dr
San Diego, CA 92131


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14 comments on “Donut Touch”

  1. I’ve gone here lots of times before work for an early morning donut fix. Good donuts! 

    • we go way too often. there’s so many things in this plaza, and if we are in the area, we’ll just swing by for some donuts too

  2. I go there just for the blueberry cake donuts!!!

  3. The apple fritter looks good! I’ve had their blueberry donuts before and liked them. 🙂

  4. This is our go-to donut stop.  We’re lucky it’s the closest to our house.  My wife usually goes for chocolate or maple bar or twist; my son can never decide but loves the blueberry ones and the bear claws; my daughter tries to get a large apple fritter and something else (I try to talk her down to just the small one) like a cinnamon roll (and yet she weighs less than 50 pounds) and I go for the apple fritter and/or almond/marzipan-y croissant.

    Their holes are excellent, too.

  5. Those glazed donuts look amazing!

  6. Mmm…  Donuts.  🙂  I usually go there after lunch.  Going in the morning is a good idea!  🙂

  7. And they have bacon maple bars!!!!!