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E & Drink- Toast Dynasty

I’ve documented my obsession with brick toast quite a few times on this blog already.

A few months back, I saw that E & Drink would soon be offering a brick toast option. When I tried to order it, they told me they didn’t have it yet and didn’t have any answers as to when it would be available.

This time I made sure to ask if it was available before sitting down and ordering.

They currently only have two options: strawberry or chocolate.

I was told that the wait would be 15-20 minutes. Having made the elaborate version before, I know it takes a while to cut the inside toast pieces and toast them separately and decorate the brick toast with all the toppings. However, it ended up taking close to 30 minutes before it was finally done. Mr. K was not happy with the long wait.

Strawberry Toast Dynasty

Rather than one large block of hollowed out toast, they sliced it in half, presenting it as two layered pieces. This actually made it easier to cut and eat, so I didn’t mind the variation. I thought the presentation came out quite pretty.

I did wish there were a few more inner toast squares. They cut the pieces so big that there were only a few to munch on before you have to deal with the crust. We also felt that it was a little too buttery inside. On the outside you see a good amount of condensed milk, but there were buttery puddles covering a lot of the inner pieces.

Overall though, I thought this was pretty good. It’s not the best version I’ve had, but E & Drink is the only place offering this style of brick toast at the moment in San Diego and the price is pretty reasonable. Hopefully they’ll be able to get it out faster with more experience.

Here’s the link to our last savory meal at E & Drink, which also includes links to older E & Drink posts as well.

If you’re interested in making your own brick toast, I’ve made both the basic one and the elaborate one.

E & Drink
7330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd #112
San Diego, CA 92111

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4 comments on “E & Drink- Toast Dynasty”

  1. That’s funny how they put it on the menu but did’t have any idea when they’d be offering it. $9.50 seems ok – I wonder if they bake their own toast? I guess it’s better than their egg waffle thing huh…

    • Pretty sure the toast is pre-bought. I think they decided to put it on the menu but hadn’t yet figured out how best to make it, so they werent sure when it would come out. Even when we had it, it seemed like they hadn’t made it often. They even asked if it was okay for them to photo it. hehe.

  2. Finally! That toast has been on the menu like FOREVER!

    It would have been neat to have a thicker cut of toast instead of having it halved, but the presentation does look pretty though.

    My husband just made some gross drooling noises, ha ha.

    • I agree. I was looking for the whole giant brick, but this presentation was nice and made it easier to eat. But it does look less special I guess because it looks like two regular brick toasts stacked together. I’d recommend getting lunch there and ordering the toast at the beginning so you dont have to wait forever for the toast to come out.

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