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El Pescador Fish Market

photo of the outside of El Pescador Fish Market

El Pescador Fish Market is a market and restaurant offering fresh seafood. We recently stopped by their La Jolla location after hearing a lot of positive reviews on their sandwiches.
photo of the seafood display case
For most of the fresh seafood options, you have a choice of having it served as a sandwich, salad or plate.

Clam Chowder
photo of a bowl of clam chowder
We started with a small cup of clam chowder. There were a good amount of clams in the chowder, but I felt the chowder itself was a little under-seasoned and lacked a briny sea flavor.

photo of a bowl of Cioppino
This fish stew had much bolder flavors and was filled with a mix of fish chunks and vegetables.

Yellowtail Fish Sandwich
photo of Yellowtail Fish Sandwich
You could taste the freshness of the fish fillet. Served simply on a torta roll with lettuce, onions and tomatoes, this preparation allowed the fish to really shine through.

Octopus Plate
photo of Octopus Plate
Grilled octopus, served with brown rice, avocado slices, and mixed vegetables. This was a filling plate and we enjoyed the generous amount of octopus served.

Overall, we had a pleasant meal here. It reminded me of the restaurants around Pier 39 in San Francisco and it’s a good option if you’re craving fresh seafood in San Diego.

El Pescador Fish Market
634 Pearl St, La Jolla, CA 92037

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6 comments on “El Pescador Fish Market”

  1. OMG they re-did the place! It definitely didn’t look that neat when I was there three years ago. XD But I miss their cioppino and fresh fish sandwiches. T___T

  2. Place is cool.  I like getting the grilled fish plates.  🙂

  3. Their old location was so tiny and parking was awful. Was there better parking for this new location? The sandwich looks amazing as does the octopus. Not sure I’ve seen avocado served on top of warm vegetables on a platter before?

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