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Favorite Bites from March

March seemed to just fly by!  I had a lot of fun sharing my favorite bites from February and hopefully I can continue to keep this up. We tried not to eat out as much last month because we have some fun eating excursions planned for April, but we still made time for a few delicious bites.

Tahitian Octopus from Duke’s La Jolla
overhead photo of Tahitian Octopus
I really like octopus so I always try to order it when it’s on the restaurant menu. Having now tried so many versions though, there are very few I find memorable. But I really enjoyed this tender version paired with light and refreshing elements. And of course, there was the spectacular view.

Blueberry Lemon Cruller from Nomad Donuts
photo of Blueberry Lemon Cruller
I’ve been pretty disappointed with the cruller donuts offered at most donut shops in San Diego. Last year, Nomad Donuts added crullers to their menu and I always get one when I visit the store. They are constantly rotating flavors, but they have all been pretty good. The crullers are light, airy and not overly sweet.

Royal Chocolate Cake from 85°C Bakery
photo of Royal Chocolate Cake
I was surprised to see this cake offering on a recent visit to 85C Bakery. The style is more European than Asian, but I couldn’t resist getting it especially with the trio of Ferrero Rocher on top. Inside the cup was creamy chocolate mousse and a crispy hazelnut praline bottom. I’d definitely get this again.

Cinnamon Roll from Urban Solace
photo of Cinnamon Roll
I’ve had many cinnamon rolls over the years, but I still feel that Urban Solace makes the absolute best ones I’ve ever tasted. Last month I attended San Diego Magazine’s brunch bash. I had so much fun sampling brunch items and cocktails from various restaurants. I love brunch, so eating so many brunch bites was like a dream come true. I was really excited when Urban Solace offered mini versions of their cinnamon rolls. They were just as good as I remembered and couldn’t resist eating a second one.

Country Fried Chicken Poutine from The Kroft
photo of Country Fried Chicken Poutine
Finally, poutine that actually contains squeaky cheese curds! I was beginning to think I would never find real poutine in California, and then I found it at The Kroft. Several people have told me the short rib poutine is even better, so I’ll have to try it out soon, but I was very satisfied with their country fried chicken version. Crispy, juicy fried chicken, savory gravy, and proper cheese curds. Full post can be found here.

That’s it for now! I have a feeling my April list will be quite a lot longer as I already have several bites that I think are going to make the list (you can also follow along on Instagram and Snapchat for highlights). I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Favorite Bites from February


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