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Fish and Seafood Tacos for Lent

Happy Friday everyone! Here is another edition of Fish/Seafood Fridays.

So far I’ve tackled fast food burger chains, sandwich shops, and for this edition I’m doing a round-up of fast food taco chains.

Del Taco

Del Taco has two seafood offerings for Lent: crispy shrimp tacos and fish tacos.

Fish Tacos (2 for $3.50)

These were quite cheap. Everyone in front of us in line was ordering them and it wasn’t even a Friday. I liked these. The beer batter was crispy even though the tacos sat in the car for a while, the fish was moist, and there was a good portion of fish in each taco.

Crispy Shrimp Tacos (2 for $4)

I preferred the fish tacos, but these weren’t bad either, especially for the price. There was enough shrimp per taco so that there was shrimp in every bite.


Of course Rubio’s has fish offerings all year long. While I was there, I decided to try their latest new offering which is tilapia, in the form of salads, tacos, or burritos.

Coastal Trio (fish taco, crispy shrimp taco, and blackened tilapia taco; $8.99)

Mr. K loves the fish tacos at Rubio’s, so he ordered the coastal trio. For the tilapia you can order it blackened or grilled.  The healthier fish preparation is a nice bonus. My favorite of the trio was actually the shrimp one. So much fresh avocado!

Tilapia burrito ($7.99)

This was a hearty burrito, though I preferred the tacos a little more.

I didn’t see any seafood options at Taco Bell for Lent. I know some of the fast food burger chains are offering seafood or fish tacos as well like Carl’s Jr. Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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2 comments on “Fish and Seafood Tacos for Lent”

  1. I like the variety in that trio from Rubio’s! Their grilled tilapia is pretty good. :)U7RH

    • oh hey you access the new post! rubio’s always comes to mind when i think fish fridays. so much to choose from! I like the trio too so i can have different flavors.

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