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Freeze San Diego

Freeze San Diego is a new liquid nitrogen ice cream dessert shop serving trendy creations like The Mermaid, charcoal Butterbeer ice cream, and Dragon’s Breath.
photo of two ice cream cones at Freeze

The shop is located right next to Izakaya Sakura.
photo of the outside of Freeze

The staff was super friendly during our visit, answering all our questions and providing helpful recommendations.
photo of the inside of Freeze
photo of the menu at Freeze

The Mermaid
photo of the Mermaid Ice Cream Cone
Sea salt cream sprinkled with pecan sandie cookie clusters. Freeze also makes waffles cones in several colors. The purple cone matched perfectly. The blue colored ice cream was topped with shimmering sprinkles and had pecan sandie cookie pieces mixed inside.

The ice cream wasn’t too sweet, which I prefer. However the ice cream base doesn’t taste quite as rich as some of the other liquid nitrogen ice cream places we’ve been to. This also led to the ice creams melting faster.

Thai Tea
photo of a Thai Tea ice cream cone
The Thai Tea flavored ice cream has chunks of oreo cookies mixed in and is topped with oreo cookie crumble. It looked quite nice with the black colored cone.

Of the ones we had, this was my favorite flavor. I really enjoyed the combination of Oreos with Thai tea.

Black Magic
photo of Black Magic ice cream cone
Charcoal butterbeer ice cream topped with butterscotch morsels. Charcoal activated drinks and ice creams have been quite trendy this summer. The jet black color is quite eye-catching and the gold colored butterscotch morsels are a beautiful contrast.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the charcoal trend. Charcoal activated food originally became popular for its detox capabilities, but most of the articles I’ve read have concluded that it doesn’t really have any health benefits when consumed this way. You don’t taste the charcoal but it does stain your mouth and teeth black temporarily.

I found this ice cream to have a very subtle flavor. I haven’t tasted any butterbeer creations until now, so I don’t really know how this compares to other butterbeer treats but the ice cream did have a nice mild butterscotch flavor to it.

Dragon’s Breath
photo of a bowl of Dragon's Breath
This is a new secret menu item that they just debuted. The very nice owner came over to each of the tables and offered samples. We first encountered Dragon’s Breath in Los Angeles last year. It’s liquid nitrogen coated cereal and when you eat it right away and breathe out deeply through your nose and mouth, you’ll emit liquid nitrogen smoke that resembles a dragon’s breath.
photo of dragon's breath with liquid nitrogen
The cereal itself just tastes like cereal but it is a fun effect and it’s the first time I’ve seen it offered in San Diego.

Overall, we enjoyed the ice creams we tried. I like the unique flavor combinations and that the ice creams aren’t too sweet. However, I do wish they had a richer ice cream base.
photo of the grand opening menu at Freeze

Freeze San Diego
3904 Convoy St #119, San Diego, CA 92111

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4 comments on “Freeze San Diego”

  1. We ate next door at Izakaya Sakura and noticed they were having a grand opening that weekend. We ended up trying two flavors for our dessert that day. The dragon’s breath looks neat though! I saw that on IG recently!

  2. Thanks for the review! We missed our trip over Father’s Day to the San Diego area, so we’re overdue for a visit. I’m adding Freeze to my list….my boys will get a kick out of the Dragon’s Breath.

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