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French Treats for Christmas

Opera Patisserie
9254 Scranton Rd
San Diego, CA 92121

Every year Boyfriend will buy some treats for my family for Christmas and I do the same for his.  After my last visit to Opera Patisserie, I found a lot of mini treats in their catalog that would make great gifts and filed it away as potential gift giving ideas.

This year for Christmas, Boyfriend bought my parents a box of mini madeleines, some assorted Christmas mini treats and some cream puffs from Opera Patisserie.

The Christmas assorted minis and cream puffs were so pretty and festive.


There were seven flavors of cream puffs (pictured in the top right): Hazelnut, Pistachio, Chocolate,Grand Marnier, Coffee, Raspberry, Vanilla.  I loved the ones decorated with sugar flowers.  These are some of the cutest treats I’ve ever seen.


The Christmas minis consists of the following desserts: Pistachio Yule Log, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Yule Log, Apple Cinnamon Pie, Raspberry Yule Log, Pecan Pie.  These bite sized desserts were cute and the perfect size to allow you to sample quite a few different desserts.  I think my favorite was the pistachio yule log.

The mini madeleines come in a pack of 36.


The flavors are pistachio, banana, chocolate, raspberry, coffee and vanilla.  Despite how cute the cakes were, I was quite disappointed with them. Rather than tasting like a cookie, these were really wet and moist.  They were like little cakes.  I’m used to the insides of madeleines being like a cake,but the outside should be like a cookie in my experience.


The treats were devoured by my family within a few days.  If you are interested in ordering from Opera Patisserie, you can find their desserts on the website.  You simply need to place an order the day before.

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7 comments on “French Treats for Christmas”

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  2. I did make the most of it! Wales is a bit far from San Diego…but much closer to France which I’m sure has much tastier treats!

  3. I love them! This is one of those, ‘OMG I hate living in Wales moments…’
    I would buy cake from this place everyday. Tell me you make the most of it? 🙂

  4. oh wow…they are absolutely darling.

  5. Hi Carol! I agree. I had an especially hard time eating the cream puffs with flowers. Those were my favorite and I just didn’t want to ruin them.

  6. Hi Kirbie! Those are just too pretty to eat IMHO. 🙂