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Gala Chicken

Every time I shop at Zion Market, I notice the Gala Chicken booth in the middle of the store. Gala Chicken offers twice-fried Korean style chicken.

If you were out shopping this weekend, you probably noticed that just about every place was crowded and full of lines. We decided to take a break during our shopping for a taste of Gala chicken. Once we placed our order, we were told it would be about 15 minutes, giving us time to check out and pay for our groceries before coming back to eat.

There are a few open booth seats and of course you can get your food to-go as well. All the employees were super friendly.

Original Gala Crispy Wings

We chose to get an order of original Gala crispy wings, priced at $7.99.  There was seven wing pieces in the order, so it came to a little more than $1 per wing. The wings had a pretty gold color and were extremely hot. The outside was quite crunchy and the inside moist and juicy.

These were enjoyable to eat, though they didn’t quite live up to the other versions of Korean fried chicken I’ve had. Instead, the wings reminded me of the extra crispy recipe at KFC but without the extreme saltiness.

Our chicken was accompanied by some pickled radish and house-made spicy sauce. The pickled radish was a good palate cleanser.

We liked these, but at more than $1 per wing, we still prefer Kyochon for Korean-style fried chicken. Still, if you’re out shopping and get hungry for fried chicken, you might want to give Gala a try.

Gala Chicken
Inside Zion Market
7655 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111
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