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Glam Air

photo of the inside of Glam Air

Glam Air is an ice cream parlor that specializes in cotton candy soft serve creations served over dry ice. It’s one of the many fun dessert stops during our visit to Taipei.

One thing I noticed during my trip was that people were obsessed with taking Instagram/social media photos. As a result, many places carry one signature item that looks great for a photo opportunity and all the guests coming in were getting that dish mainly to take the picture, regardless of how good the dish actually tastes.

I usually don’t have many opportunities to try out all the cool looking desserts in Taiwan. My cousin is the one taking us around and he’s not really into desserts. Luckily for me, on this trip, I got to finally meet A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei and she took me on a whirlwind afternoon dessert tour. I’ve chatted with her for a few years and it was so fun to finally meet her. This also marks the furthest distance of meeting someone in person that I originally met through blogging.
photo of the Glam Air menuphoto of another menu
The store also offered just regular soft serve but everyone there was getting their Smokie Cloud creations ($150NT). The two featured were the rainbow one we got and a sort of scary clown looking one with gray Oreo flavored cotton candy.
photo of a rainbow Smokie Cloud dessert
They have several cotton candy machines spinning fresh cotton candy. Once the cotton candy is done, they carefully shape it into donut rings, which them form a cone over the ice cream. The ice cream itself is sprinkled with cornflakes and pop rocks candy.

The ice cream is then served with some dry ice, creating a fun visual.
photo of soft serve ice cream and rainbow cotton candy

Here’s a quick peek at the gray cotton candy one. Look at all those phone cameras ready to take pictures!

Once all the photos are over with, you’re basically left with ice cream and cotton candy. It’s pretty much impossible to eat together, so we ended up eating the cotton candy rings and then the ice cream. Nothing too special taste-wise, but it was an entertaining little show.

For another take, check out A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei’s post here.

Glam Air
inside Xinyi Mitsukoshi A11, b1
No. 11, Songshou Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

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  1. Oh how cool is this! So much sugar but so worth the sugar high I think. I remember A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei from your blog – I used to read her blog a while ago so will have to revisit soon. 

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