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Times Square Pizza & Bagels

photo of the Times Square Pizza & Bagels location

I came upon a flyer for Times Square Pizza & Bagels the other day and immediately felt compelled to investigate.

It’s located inside the Sorrento Food Court, and I was a little skeptical, but their website sounded promising and I’m always on the search for some decent New York-style pizza and bagels.
photo of the outside the sorrento food and dining court
When we got there, they had several pies on display with you could order a slice of, or you can order a full pie. They also had a selection of bagels to choose from.
photo of a pile of bagels on display

White Pizza & Meat Lovers Pizza
photo of a slice each of White Pizza and Meat Lovers Pizza
We decided to try a slice of white pizza, which had a dollop of red sauce on top. We also chose a meat lover pizza slice. The pizza slices were heated up for us so they had a nice crispy crust.
close-up photo of the meat lovers pizzaclose-up photo of the white pizza
Yes this was thin crust pizza and it had a decent flavor. If I worked in the area, I wouldn’t mind stopping in for a slice. But it wasn’t quite as good as pizza in New York and also not as good as my favorite NY-style pizza in San Diego, Bronx pizza.

Plain and Cheese Bagels
photo of Plain and Cheese Bagels
I was actually most looking forward to trying the bagels. While I’ve been able to satisfy my cravings for New York style pizza at a few places in San Diego, bagels are another thing. California’s version of what passes as a bagel just isn’t right. The bagels here were a decent size, though not as puffy as some of my favorite bagel shops in NY. They had a decent chewy skin, evidence of the first kettle boiled before baking method.
close-up photo of plain bagelclose-up photo of a cheese bagel
I will say that these were far better than most bagels I’ve had in San Diego, but they still had me missing the real thing. I wanted them to be puffier, the inside a softer and fluffier and the outside skin a little snappier.

Overall, this seems like a nice food court option but it’s not quite good enough to satisfy my cravings for the real thing. I found myself really missing New York after eating here.

Tip: They currently offer a free slice of pizza with Yelp check-in!

photo of the menuphoto of the menu

Times Square Pizza & Bagels
9450 Scranton Rd, San Diego, CA 92121
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