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Hogetsu Bakery

photo of Hogetsu Bakery

Hogetsu is a small Japanese mochi shop located in Chula Vista and always a must-visit for me when I’m in the area.

The husband and wife team are friendly and talkative. The husband was trained in Japanese tea shops to make mochi and other similar Japanese confections. The selection offered everyday is fresh, beautiful and very reasonably priced.
overhead photo of mochi
I recommend coming early in the day, as they tend to be out of the more popular ones by late afternoon.

Here’s a selection of mochi I picked up recently to be shared with my cousins who were coming over later that evening.
photo of a box filled with different mochi
These ones in the corner are some of my favorites in terms of appearance. Taste-wise though, I prefer the regular green tea with red bean and the pink fleshed one filled with white bean paste.
close-up photo of mochiphoto of a chick-shaped mochiphoto of mochi stamped with a floral design

Tip: Come early for the best selection. You might also want to call ahead to make sure they are open as they do close the shop sometimes if they are on vacations, etc.

Hogetsu Bakery
1210 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91911
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2 comments on “Hogetsu Bakery”

  1. I love Hogetsu! They are the only place in San Diego making handmade mochi. It tastes so much better fresh from the store (worth the drive for those of you who don’t live nearby) than refrigerated from Nijiya or Mitsuwa.  They have a great selection and the owners are so nice.

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