Golden City revisit

Golden City
5375 Kearny Villa Rd
San Diego, CA 92123

(858) 565-6682

It's been a long while since I've done the Golden City late night special. So we paid Golden City a visit a few weeks ago. Previous posts can be found here and here.

First we ordered a pan fried seafood noodle dish. I was pretty happy with it. The noodles were crunchy around the edges. There were lots of generous pieces of shrimp, fish, scallop and squid.

However, everything went downhill from there. Beef with vegetables and black bean sauce.

This dish was very salty. Also, the only "vegetables" were onions and green peppers.

Pork chitlins with black bean sauce:

This dish was also super salty. And the pork chitlins were dry and tough to eat.

Clams with black bean sauce:

There were quite a few clams in this dish that weren't fresh.

Fish with black bean sauce:

Again, this dish was really salty. Much like all the other dishes except the first noodle dish.

Squash with glass noodles:

Despite this dish looking like a soup, it still managed to be really salty.

For dessert we were given complimentary red bean soup:

We joked that perhaps the cooking staff was all on a break when we
ordered since we saw quite a few employees eating at a table. In the
past, we've had some great experience, but this was not one of them.
Hopefully this was a one time fluke and not a pattern that continues.

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  1. Our last visit was really good but had the same salty experience on previous 2 visits. I could barely eat some of the dishes because of the saltiness. It was as if someone seasoned the dishes twice.

  2. What made you guys order multiple black bean sauce dishes in one visit? Just curious.

  3. thats too bad. besides mexican food, it’s one of the very few late night joints open in sd though isn’t it? what’s your favorite go to place when you got the late night munchies?

  4. That’s too bad that you also had salty experiences. That worries me that they haven’t been very consistent. I couldn’t really finish some of the dishes either.

  5. Hehe, so you noticed that? Well we all chose one dish we wanted to order, and we soon realized everyone’s favorite dish was some variation on the black bean sauce. We discussed ordering some different ones, but no one wanted to give up their dish, so we ended up with a lot of black bean sauce dishes..

  6. Well, there’s also ramen and korean places in the area, though I haven’t yet tried them for late night. When I get the late night munchies, I’m usually craving mexican or wings. I usually go to cotixan, though I’ve been trying to find another mexican place to satisfy my cravings. I might also try one of the korean places along convoy that is opened late.

  7. I got the fish in black bean sauce and it was enjoyable. Maybe it was just a bad night. As for inconsistency, my husband and I are both quite happy with their dishes in every visit and have been considering them solid. You should try their roast duck, steamed chicken, sweet and sour pork spareribs, seafood hotpot, stir fry beef with preserved vegetables… Hope you have a better experience next time.

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  9. I don’t understand why you have order so many black bean sauce without knowing it was salty. You should try something else, you order the wrong dish.

    I have eaten at Golden City many times over the year, it was usually very good, you just ordered the wrong dish. Can you honestly say you know Chinese Food, i don’t think so.

    • Hello Angela. If you read my previous posts on Golden City you would see that I also have had many enjoyable experiences here. But on this occasion everything was too salty, including one dish which did not have black bean sauce. Also I had had their black bean sauce dishes several times and it was not too salty for my liking, but on this occasion it was. So it’s not as if I just dont like black bean sauce or I didnt know it was salty. I do know how it tastes and Ive had it here with no problems. this time it just wasnt good.

      Also as for ordering so many dishes with black bean sauce, when I dine out with a large group, I do not control all the ordering. everyone at the table chooses a dish. So sometimes you end up with similar variations. On this occasion it happened that a lot of people wanted something with black bean sauce.

      Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion. I tried to be nice in my review saying that I hoped this was a one time fluke. I don’t think you need to get mean and ask me if I should be saying I know chinese food.

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