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Green China Grill

photo of the outside of Green China Grill

Green China Grill (老地方) recently opened in San Diego over the holidays, specializing in hand-pulled noodles.
photo of the inside of Green China Grill
We went a few days ago and the restaurant is currently operating with a limited menu. While they plan on offering skewers and various noodle dishes, on the night we visited, they only were offering some cold dishes and two beef noodle soups with their hand-pulled noodles.

Cold Plate
photo of Cold Plate
There were about half a dozen cold dishes, mainly vegetarian, to choose from and we did a three-item combination. Our plate had lotus root, cucumbers, and potatoes.
close-up photo of Cold Plate

Clear Beef Noodle Soup
overhead photo of a bowl of Clear Beef Noodle Soup
Clear beef noodle soup is one of several variations of Chinese beef noodle soup out there. The absence of soy sauce creates a clearer broth than the more popular braised beef noodle soup. This broth was actually a little darker than most of the clear broth beef noodle soups I’ve had in the past. The flavor of stewed beef bones was there, but could have been stronger.

I enjoyed the tender thin slices of beef. The portion of noodles was quite large and I actually wasn’t able to finish mine. The thin, hand-pulled noodles tasted very fresh, though I wish they were slightly more chewy.

You could watch the noodles being made too.

Braised Beef Noodle Soup
overhead photo of a bowl of Braised Beef Noodle Soup
The braised beef noodle soup contained chunks of beef, a darker and saltier broth and a generous amount of noodles.
photo of chopsticks holding noodles
Overall, we had a decent first visit here, but would like to try more menu items before really forming an opinion. We’ll definitely be back once the restaurant has had a chance to settle in but we couldn’t resist visiting last week because of my love for hand pulled noodles.

Green China Grill (老地方)
4688 Convoy St #110
San Diego CA

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