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Half & Half Tea House

One of our “must stops” when we do one of our LA eating trips is a visit to Half & Half Tea House for their tapioca tea drinks.

It’s a popular chain with several locations. Some locations are sit-down and there are several “Express” ones where you order your drink and go.

They are most famous for their honey boba, which always has a perfect consistency on all our visits and their Iced Milk Drink with Pudding and Honey Boba. The iced milk drink actually doesn’t have any caffeine or tea. It’s just a sweetened milk drink. Both the drink and honey boba have become popular enough that I’ve now seen it pop up at many other tea cafes.

In addition to making really good boba, we love how enormous the drinks are. This is their “regular” size and the large is even more enormous.

At the front, there is usually a list of the most popular drinks for each shop.

Mr. K’s favorite drink is the milk tea with pudding.

I’m usually the more adventurous one, trying out different ones on the top ten list. But my favorite is actually just the regular milk tea with honey boba.

Here’s the milk tea with taro pudding and honey boba:

On the right is a passion fruit tea with basil seeds.

One tip though, we usually find the drinks too sweet at the regular sugar level so we ask for less sugar (70%). They also have a stamp card so you can earn a free drink after 10 stamps.

Half & Half Tea House/Express
several locations in LA
3007 Huntington Dr Ste 104
Pasadena, CA 91107

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