Kirbie's Cravings

Chinese- Tapioca drinks

We love Chinese Tapioca Drinks so much we dedicated a whole category to it! Also known as Boba Tea or Bubble Tea, these drinks are made with soft and chewy tapioca pearls. We love sharing our experiences at different places like Cafe LaTTea or the Self Serve Boba Drinks at Class 302 Cafe.

Meet Fresh (San Diego)

Square Bar Cafe (Mira Mesa)

Camellia Road Tea Bar

Mr A Cafe

Peggy’s Kitchen Desserts at Infini Tea

Boba Bar and Desserts (second location)

Boba Bar and Desserts

Up2You Cafe revisit

Guiltea Cravings

Kung Fu Tea

OO Tea

Snow Monster


Mocktail Tea

T-Pop Desserts & More

Meet Fresh


Self Serve Boba Drinks at Class 302 Cafe


It’s Boba Time

Blush Desserts

T-Pop Desserts & More

Honey Creek (Closed)

Half & Half Tea House