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photo of the outside of Sharetea

Sharetea, a popular tea chain from Taiwan recently opened a location in San Diego.
photo of a sign inside the restaurant
I was pretty excited to see this familiar logo having just come back from Taiwan and definitely missing the milk tea creations there.
photo of the menu

Classic Pearl Milk Tea
photo of Classic Pearl Milk Tea
Of course, we had to try the classic milk tea with pearls to gage how things are here. All the teas are made to order, which is a good sign. Unfortunately, they haven’t quite figured out how to work as quickly as the shops in Taiwan. It took us about 20 minutes to get our drinks.

The tea itself tasted pretty good. It was not overly sweet and the tapioca pearls had a good chewy consistency.

Handmade Taro Fresh Milk
photo of Handmade Taro Fresh Milk
We saw a lot of signs advertising this drink and since I love taro I had to order this. It’s rare to find real taro milk at these tea places as most of them use an artificial taro powder instead. I thought that this would be similar to my favorite taro milk offered at Fantasia in the Bay Area, where taro is cooked in the milk. Instead, this is milk blended with sweetened taro. I found the taro overwhelmingly sweet, like the taro sitting in syrup served as a shaved ice topping. I really was not a fan of this and had a hard time finishing it.

Overall, we enjoyed the milk tea and want to come back to try more of the menu items. I hope that they are able to speed things up though because the long wait time was a little frustrating.

photo of the menu

4917 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111
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6 comments on “Sharetea”

  1. FYI – There’s a coming soon banner for ShareTea in the strip mall off Mira Mesa Blvd & I-15 (where the new Little Sheep opened).

    • thanks for the tip! not sure how I missed it as I was just in the plaza two weeks ago. I recently went to the new Ding Tea in mira mesa, have you been? was a little disappointed but hopefully they are just working things out

      • I think the banner went up in the last week 🙂  I didn’t know about Ding Tea in Mira Mesa; will have to check it out.

      • oh ok! thanks for letting me know. I’ll be trying Ding Tea again after they’ve had a chance to settle in. I went to one in the Bay Area that I really liked. I can’t believe how many of these tea shops are still opening!

  2. When I went a couple of days ago, the cashier actually recommended that I get the taro fresh milk with no sugar, and it was actually about right in terms of sweetness. They were still slow, but considerably faster than a week ago. I’m planning to give them another week or two to sort out their drink-making efficiency lol