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Snow Monster

photo of the outside of Snow Monster

Snow Monster is a chain of dessert shops in Orange County offering fun creations like macaron ice cream sandwiches, cotton candy rings with soft serve ice cream, shaved snow and more.

On my way to Los Angeles recently, I couldn’t resist stopping in to check it out. There’s nothing wrong with eating ice cream in the morning on the weekends right?

Fruity Pebbles Soft Serve with Cotton Candy
photo of Fruity Pebbles Soft Serve with Cotton Candy
The fresh cotton candy is shaped into a ring, and sitting inside the ring is a cup of soft serve ice cream. You don’t get to choose the ice cream flavor, but the one featured when we visited was Fruity Pebbles. We had a similar type of dessert creation at Glam Air in Taiwan, and I was pretty pleased to see it in some form here.
close-up photo of Fruity Pebbles Soft Serve with Cotton Candy
Yes, it’s basically just cotton candy and soft serve, but it looks pretty cool. They also served it to us with spoons that turn blue when they touch something cold. It was a fun surprise since they looked like regular plastic spoons.

Pistachio Macaron with Taro Ice Cream
photo of Pistachio Macaron with Taro Ice Cream

I’ve been a bit obsessed with macaron ice cream sandwiches lately. While these sure looked pretty, they were stacked so high that it was nearly impossible to eat like a sandwich. We basically had to eat it with a spoon. I preferred the more compacted versions we’ve had at Icebox and Blush Desserts.

Fruit Pebbles Macaron with Green Tea Ice Cream
photo of Fruit Pebbles Macaron with Green Tea Ice Cream
Another fun and colorful creation.

Thai Tea with Jar
photo of a jar filled with Thai Tea
They also serve drinks in these adorable oversized jars. If you pay the initial fee for the jar (I believe it was $2 extra), you can bring it back in the future for refills. A refill is only $3.99, which is a pretty good deal because the jars are huge.
photo of a girl holding the jar of Thai Tea in front of her face
We got the Thai tea which was pretty enjoyable and since then, we actually already brought it back once for a refill (jasmine milk tea).

Overall, we had a fun time here. We actually visited their Westminster location a long time ago, but that location doesn’t have all the new menu items that this one in Irvine does. It’s fun to experience at least once and we’ll be back for more tea refills.

(Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the menu!)

Snow Monster
several locations
4255 Campus Drive Suite A124, Irvine, CA 92612

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5 comments on “Snow Monster”

  1. TC would love that cotton candy/ice cream combo. You can probably make your own since you have the cotton candy maker.  I don’t know why they made that ice cream filling so huge for the macaron ice cream sandwich. It may look cool but it’s not easy to eat. That being said, I’d get that, ha ha!

  2. That is my kinda place!  I never thought about eating ice cream and cotton candy at the same time…