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The FoodSaver® System and a Giveaway

Today I’m talking about my FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System and hosting a $100 Visa gift card giveaway which can help fund your purchase of one! photo of a The FoodSaver®photo collage showing how to vaccum seal an avocado half with the The FoodSaver®

I started using the FoodSaver® System last year. We initially purchased it for our sous vide cooking, but soon discovered so many more great uses.  The FoodSaver® brand gave me a free FoodSaver® V4865 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System to try out. You can learn more about the two Starter Kit models offered here. photo of vaccum sealed chicken breasts

I used to think the FoodSaver® System was mainly for freezing meat. And while we do use it to store frozen fish, chicken and steak longer and without freezer burn, my main uses are actually for my fridge and pantry items. photo of fruit, cheese, and avocado in vacuum sealed bags

I tend to buy in bulk at Costco or when there’s a good deal at the farmer’s market. Then I end up with way too much produce that we simply can’t finish in time. For example, I love having fresh berries with my daily yogurt, but berries never keep more than a week before they start molding. But by vacuum sealing them, I’m actually able to keep them in my fridge a lot longer, so I can buy the big basket of sweet berries without worrying that they’ll go to waste. photo of fruit being sealed into a bag

Sometimes, I’ll portion them out into smaller bags, just enough for a few days worth of yogurt or acai bowl toppings.

I also like storing granola, cereal and chips in the zipper bags. You can seal them, release, and then re-seal again. overhead photo of granola in a bag

Here’s a great chart provided on the FoodSaver® Brand’s website showing how much longer you can keep food fresh and preserve nutrients by using the FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System. The FoodSaver® System keeps your food fresh up to 5x longer than ordinary storage methods, since ordinary storage methods trap air in with your food. FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealers remove and lock out air and moisture using specially designed bags and canisters to lock in nutrients and flavors while helping prevent freezer burn. FoodSaver® bags are also BPA free. The FoodSaver® info graphic

We hardly ever have to toss or waste food ever since getting our system. And of course, there’s the space saved! My drawers and shelves have so much more room when I vacuum seal my items.

photo of vacuum sealed fruits stored in a refridgerator

When we first bought our FoodSaver® System, I spent nearly an entire day going around vacuum sealing nearly everything edible in my kitchen. And after seeing how much room I saved, I was tempted to start sealing stuff in my upstairs closet…

You can also use it to seal jars, though I haven’t done that yet. I do plan on making some jams later this year, so I’ll try it out then. And my basil is currently thriving, so I plan on making some pesto soon and sealing it so that it keeps longer.

We actually also used it to seal our travel liquids for our Europe trip, which prevented the leaky ones from getting all over the rest of our things. If I could, I would have been tempted to bring the whole machine with me, so that I could pack more things in my suitcase!

You can learn more about the FoodSaver® System  on their website. They also have a really cool Live Fridge experiment running right now. Check it out to see the difference the FoodSaver® System can make in real time! You can also stay connected to the FoodSaver® Brand through Facebook| Pinterest| Instagram| YouTube

The FoodSaver® Brand is also running The #FoodSaverFridge Experience Live Contest

  • Winners receive a FoodSaver® System valued at $200
  • There are two separate ways fans may be entered into the #FoodSaverFridge contest.

1) Fans can upload an image to Instagram of their fridge organized with FoodSaver® Bags and containers, use the #FoodSaverFridge and tag the FoodSaver (@FoodSaver) Instagram handle to be entered via social.

2) Fans can also visit the FoodSaverFridge page and enter their email address.


I’m also hosting a $100 Visa gift card which can help fund your purchase towards The FoodSaver® System or its accessories. To enter the giveaway, please answer the following in the comment section:

How will you use the FoodSaver® System in your home?


Entry Instructions:

No duplicate comments.

You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

1. Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post with the hashtag #SweepstakesEntry

2. Tweet (public message) about this promotion; including exactly the following unique term in your tweet message: “#SweepstakesEntry”; and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post

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4. For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry.

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older (or nineteen (19) years of age or older in Alabama and Nebraska). Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. The notification email will come directly from BlogHer via the sweeps@blogher email address. You will have 2 business days to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 9/24/2015 – 10/31/2015

Be sure to visit FoodSaver® Brand’s page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!


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184 comments on “The FoodSaver® System and a Giveaway”

  1. Wow, I would have never guessed you could use bread with the Fodsaver System! It would be awesome to not have to throw away almost a full loaf every week!


  3. My herb garden yields more than I can use at one time so this would be perfect

  4. I would use it to make crockpot frozen meals 

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  5. I would use it to vacuum seal some meats.

  6. tweet

  7. I’d love to use it on produce, especially avocados.

  8. I would use the  FoodSaver® System in my home daily to saving hundreds of dollars by resealing food, freezing leftovers and freezing summer vegetables from the garden just to name a few. 

  9. tweeted –

  10. I’ll use it to preserve some of the fruits & veggies we harvest from our garden.

  11. #SweepstakesEntry  i posted a tweet here:

  12. i recently bought a foodsaver – i plan to catch meat on sale and stock up on it  #SweepstakesEntry 

  13. i love it  for market fruit and vegs 

  14. I sent out a tweet:

  15. We use our Food Saver to buy in bulk during sales. We save a lot of money and waste a lot less food. #SweepstakesEntry

  16. I know I would use this for holiday cooking. I like to make a huge double batch of cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving and freeze half for Christmas.

  17. I would use it for veggie meal prep

  18. Tweeted!

  19. I’d be able to use this for my dog’s meals. She’s on a special diet now that she’s older in years.

  20. I tweeted here:

  21. I would not use this, as I have no need for it.   I think that my mom would love it though, as she buys a lot of stuff in bulk and likes to freeze stuff.  

  22. This would be great to save money on groceries, having them last so much longer! 

  23. My tweet

  24. I like cooking but sometimes I don’t have time, so I think I could prepare meals in advance, and frothe them with the Foodsaver.
    For vegetables and fruits too, to keem them super fresh for smoothies !

  25. #Sweepstakes Entry

    I would use it to save leftovers and meats.

  26. I would love to make some freezer crockpot meals.

  27. I would use the Foodsaver for keeping my fruits, vegetables and cheeses fresh.
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  28. I’d like to make a big pot of chili and freeze it in smaller portions.

  29. I’d use this to help preserve some of the produce from next year’s garden.

  30. I would use if to freeze berries for smoothies.

  31. tweeted

  32. #SweepstakesEntry

    would definitely use the FoodSaver system here in our house to save money when buying/ separating & freezing bulk meats

    [email protected]

  33. I would use this to freeze leftovers and vegetables that we grow.

  34. I’d use it for sous vide cooking! It’d be a great upgrade from my current vacuum sealer 🙂

  35. I would love to save money

  36. I’d use the FoodSaver to freeze meat. #SweepstakesEntry

    I forgot the hashtag in my previous comment.

  37. I’d use the FoodSaver to freeze meat.

  38. I would use it to keep my fruits fresh.

  39. I would use it to store apple pie filling!

    (Digicats @

  40. I know I would save a lot of money using a FoodSaver system because I am single and live alone so many purchases are just more than I can use before it starts to spoil. I would love to be able to buy a big variety of fresh produce and not worry about spoilage.

  41. this would be great for leftover and costco trips #SweepstakesEntry

  42. I will use it to separate my bulk meats I buy and to save freezer meals with.

  43. tweet–

  44. I would use it to store Avocados — I never thought of doing that! Also diced onions for salsa.
    ArissaStamper @

  45. I would use the system for cheeses, sous vide, freezing summer’s bounty of vegs and fruits, meats and everything else!

  46. I would use it to keep my food fresh longer and reduce the amount of waste my household does every month! Especially berries! #SweepstakesEntry

  47. I will use it for fruits and veggies. Looks awesome!

  48. Primarily to store fresh ingredients to ensure that they are still fresh when I am able to get around to using them.  Also, my husband and I miss the meals that I used to cook.  The past few years circumstance have limited my ability to cook.  So with the FoodSaver, I can make your favorite dishes in large batches and package them in smaller quantities for my husband and I to eat at later times.  This way, with the FoodSaver, we can still enjoy our favorite homemade meals on a more regular basis.  Happy tummies build a happy home. 

  49. I like to food prep on the weekends for weekday meals and this would be very helpful to have! It would also be great for storing leftovers.

  50. Tweeted

  51. I had no idea you could seal fruit like that, wow! I would definitely do it with fruit because it tends to go bad super quickly especially berries.

  52. to save leftovers

  53. to store up freezer meals #SweepstakesEntry

  54. I tweeted:

  55. We would use the FoodSaver to prepare meals at the beginning of a week that we know will be busy, like during baseball season when the kids have us pulled in every direction! #SweepstakesEntry

  56. I would use it for freezing meats and bacon from bulk sales and my homemade dumplings that always end up freezer burnt 🙁


  57. I usually buy meat in bulk. the food saver would be handy to keep them fresh longer in the freezer!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  58. I would use it to save leftovers!

  59. I’d like to use this for freezing fresh veggies from my garden. Thanks so much.

  60. i would use this to portion and freeze meat

  61. I would use my food saver to store meat and seafood.

  62. I would love this it would take less room in the freezer if I used this on my foods. #SweepstakesEntry

  63. I’d use it to freeze my bulk shopping (usually from Costco).

  64. I am known to buy lots of fresh produce when it’s on sale at my local grocery store, get excited about cooking, and then not have enough time to cook with it.

    I’d love to use the FoodSaver to freeze some of the produce for later use! #SweepstakesEntry

  65. Hoping I win, so I can save up lots of meals before my baby is born next month!

  66. what a wonderful giveaway! I would preserve seasonal fruits  and vegetables, as well as bulk meat/poultry- savings all around 🙂 #SweepstakesEntry

  67. i’d love to use it for freezing small portions of meat!

  68. We love to buy chicken in bulk then clean it, cut it and freeze it for easy week night use. I would love to use this to store our poultry.
    onefrugalgirl AT gmail DOT com

  69. I would use it to save my baking ingredients in my pantry. I always buy a bunch of flour and nuts during the holidays and they end up going bad before I fully use them up. 🙁 (Opps! forgot to add #SweepstakesEntry)

  70. I would use my Foodsaver to vacuum seal fruits and veggies so they would last longer!

  71. I would use it to seal meat so it didnt get freezer burned.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  72. Use it for fresh cut veggies and curries

  73. I will use the FoodSaver System in my home to store meats that i can buy in bulk and also freeze fruit to put in smoothies. #SweepstakesEntry

  74. bulk meat, especially grass fed beef! #SweepstakesEntry

  75. My tweet.

  76. Whoops, I forgot #SweepstakesEntry I would store all my crock pot freezer meals. Thanks! 🙂

  77. I would use it to store all my crock pot freezer meals. Thanks

  78. I would love to use it to make freezer meals and be able to pull one of them out on a busy night.


  79. Tweet:

  80. I would use this to freeze leftovers as well as pre-made meals, especially ones with meat/chicken.  I’d also use this for berries when there are good sales in the summer months so I can buy more and not have to worry about them going bad before we can eat them.

  81. I would use it when I freeze my meals so I can save time during the week when it comes to dinner. 

  82. That machine is so awesome! I have always wanted a food saver machine, but I never took the plunge. I would definitely use it for nights that I am at work so that my Nana can thaw and heat up meals like crock pot meals. I would also love to make smoothie packs and then just blend them and I’m good to go! Perfect for meal prep and healthy lifestyle changes! #SweepstakesEntry

  83. This would  allow me to buy in bulk and save, which I love!

  84. i have been wanting a food saver fo song long thanks for the review this may be the one!

  85. Tweet

  86. I would love to vacuum seal cheese so I could keep it from molding and spoiling before I use it all.

  87. We’re also farmers market and membership store folks, but the amount we buy is too much for two of us. I’d like to seal up things we get to keep ’em fresh, and also to re-portion for lunches!

  88. tweet-

  89. I would use the FoodSaver System to store nuts and freeze fresh berries.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  90. I’d use it for fresh berries, chocolate and coffee.  Also would be great for freezing meal portions for future use!


  91. I’d use the FoodSaver System to freeze items that would otherwise spoil, such as avocados and bananas (still useful in smoothies after being frozen).

  92. i’d use it for all the costco items i could buy in bulk!

  93. Meat and cheese.

  94. I have always wanted to use one of these for storing all my foods. With my busy lifestyle, sometimes its hard to go through all the food you buy in one week. Anyway, I love your blog, I always come on here and find little gems around San Diego. Keep up the good work!

  95. Why don’t you show the ptice of the food saver?

    • the website shows the prices for all the different models. I don’t usually share prices on my posts–they constantly change, there are different packages, models, etc.

  96. Redo with the hastag this time…. 🙂

    First use would be for sous vide, but I think like you, pretty soon I’ll be doing everything! Next up would likely be our pantry items – i can’t imagine what it’ll be like with all that extra space!


  97. I’d use it to freeze soups for weeknight meals – I’m starting a new job next week and will need to do more cooking ahead. #SweepstakesEntry

  98. I’d definitely use it on my granola! 

  99. I would use it to store pantry items to keep them fresher longer. #SweepstakesEntry

  100. I would use the FoodSaver® System in my home to freeze summer squash and other garden goodies for those winter months.

  101. I would use the FoodSaver system when I buy meat in bulk.

  102. I could save so much space in my freezer by dividing my Costco-sized bacon purchases into sealed packages! I’d also love to start freezing small portions of big-batch meals for lunches during the week.  #SweepstakesEntry

  103. I would use it mostly to keep meats in the freezer longer.

  104. my tweet – 

  105. I would save a lot of fruit with the FoodSaver! I find that fruit is the item that I have to throw away most often because it goes bad. #Sweepstakesentry

  106. I will use it to freeze meat.

  107. I would love to be able to help produce and cheese stay fresh longer!  #SweepstakesEntry

  108. tweet- 

  109. I would use it to portion out snacks for lunches

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  110. Freezer meals. For sure. #sweepstakesentry

  111. I would use FoodSaver to store meat and homemade bread in the freezer. 

  112. I enjoy buying extra sale items and dividing them, and freezing for latter use. I would Love to be able to save extra $$$$ by doing this!

  113. I would use it to package bulk deli meat and cheese to use later.

  114. I live alone and hate to waste food, but sometimes I end up having to throw stuff away because it’s gone bad before I got a chance to use it. This would be perfect because I’d use it to save foods for future use!

  115. I would use Food Savor for my sous vide at home!

  116. I have a Costco membership and only 2 of us to feed. The FoodSaver would help me get the most value from my groceries and be a great way to make some meals ahead as well! #SweepstakesEntry

  117. tweet–

  118. I would use it to keep meatloaf that I make over the weekend sealed until we have it on a weeknight.

  119. I wonder if I could use it to store coffee grounds. I buy bagged coffee way faster than I can consume them and have yet to find a great storage way. Not a picky coffee drinker, just love to try different grounds. The reason I don’t freeze coffee grounds is because I don’t want them sucking up the odor, with a vacuum seal system, it might work! Thanks for the giveaway~

  120. I will use it to make my freezer meals last longer, since I don’t have a lot of time to cook with my busy life

  121. I tweeted(:

  122. I would use the food saver to separate my meats until i am ready to eat them! I buy meat in bulk from sams club so i have to separate them into meals.

  123. I totally need this!!! So much wastes food drives me crazy

  124. #SweepstakesEntry I’d use it with my sous vide.

  125. I would use the FoodSaver System to portion out and freeze meat for dinners.

  126. Our son in law loves to ocean fish when he visits us in San Diego. When he catches pounds of fish at one time, we can not eat them within a few days and some of the fish go to waste.  It would  be so wonderful to have a Food Saver to keep the fish fresh tasting until it can be utilized. Also we could shop more at Costco in bulk if we had a Food Saver.  Thanks

  127. Cool prize!

  128. #SweepstakesEntry I shop at Costco but have to pass on a lot of items including their meat.   This would allow me to buy these things and not have them go bad before I could use it.

  129. I would use the food saver to preserve fruits and meats and keep them in my freezer until I am ready to use them. #SweepstakesEntry

  130. I will definitely use it for storing away the meat and seafood. #SweepstakesEntry

  131. This is really what I need the most, especially I tend to buy too much stuff whenever it is on sale.

  132. I will use it to keep the fruits and veggies in my fridge fresh

  133. #SweepstakesEntry I would use it for storing cooked meat in the freezer!

  134. I also use the FoodSaver to package foods that go in the cooler during camping trips.

  135. I will use the FoodSaver to package marinated game meats as well as homemade jerky and sausage.

  136. I would use the FoodSaver System to keep my veggies fresh and healthy longer. I tend to over-buy when it comes to produce, and I end up throwing a lot of them out.    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  137. tweet-

  138. I will use the Foodsaver system to freeze chicken, berries, fruits and avocados. This would be a great system to get and help me so my food does not get rotten. 

  139. I’d love to use it for freezer meals that I’m hoping to stock my freezer full of for the winter months!


  140. I subscribe to a biweekly CSA and can never seem to eat it all within 2 weeks. This Foodsaver system could definitely help me preserve my fresh produce and fruit! #SweepstakesEntry

  141. I will buy bulk meat and dairy, divide them up into servings or portions, vacuum them up and up them into the freezer. #SweepstakesEntry

  142. tweet-

  143. I will buy bulk meat and dairy, divide them up into servings or portions, vacuum them up and up them into the freezer.