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Trinitea recently opened a location in Hillcrest. The boba tea cafe has another location in San Carlos, which I have not visited before.

We randomly stumbled upon the new store when we saw their soft opening signs advertising 50% off all drinks (which ended 12/13). I was intrigued by a boba tea cafe in Hillcrest and Mr. K is obsessed with milk tea drinks, so we went to check it out.

In addition to the usual flavored teas, milk teas and ice slushes, they also offer a holiday drink list.

Pumpkin Milk Tea and Hot Taro Tea

I’ve seen nearly everything pumpkinized this year, but this pumpkin milk tea was a first for me. I was a little hesitant, but I actually enjoyed the pumpkin spice flavor.

The hot taro was the usual hot taro made with the artificial taro powder. I added tapioca/boba to mine and I thought it had a great texture, with just the right amount of firmness and chew.

Mr. K was so pleased with our first round of drinks, he wanted another one for the road. He just couldn’t resist, especially with the drinks half off!

Coconut Milk Tea

This was actually our favorite of the trio we got. I sometimes find the coconut flavoring overwhelming and too sweet, but this one was a good balance.

Overall, we were pretty satisfied with our drinks. We don’t frequent Hillcrest too much because of the parking situation, but we’d love to stop in for another drink if we are in the area. They currently do not serve meals, but they did have some desserts in their display case.

3865 5th Ave
San Diego CA 92103


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4 comments on “Trinitea”

  1. I actually  have a coupon  for this place, but for the San Carlos location. TC would like this since she’s a milk tea and boba fan.

  2. Lol! when you mentioned San Carlos, I thought you meant San Carlos in the Bay Area.