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Square Bar Cafe (Mira Mesa)

Square Bar Cafe recently opened their second San Diego location (third overall with another location in San Jose). The rapidly expanding chain is known for their trendy desserts and drinks.
photo of a drink served at Square Bar Cafe

This second location replaced the former Bobalicious, but continues to offer some of Bobalicious’ most popular items as well as all of Square Bar’s signature items.
photo of the outside of Square Bar Cafe

We were invited to their soft opening media day, which gave us an opportunity to explore the menu and take photos of the walls without dozens of heads in my pictures.
photo of the bottled drink menu at Square Bar Cafe
photo collage of the decor and desserts at Square Bar Cafe

I really love the sleepy panda inside the wings.
photo of art displayed at Square Bar Cafe

Ube ice cream sandwich on top of a taro latte
photo of Ube ice cream sandwich on top of a taro latte
Square Bar’s Instagram feed is always filled with colorful and fun creations, which often involve combining two or more of their desserts. I’d seen a few of ice cream sandwiches or crepe cakes sitting on top of drinks and figured this would be a good time to order it since they weren’t yet too busy.

If you haven’t already guessed, I love purple! So I loved how this turned out. It’s a little hard to see the straw coming out of the drink because it blends in with the artwork, but the straw is actually running through the ice cream sandwich. This really made it feel like one super dessert creation rather than just putting two desserts next to each other.

Fifty/Fifty Strawberry Mix
photo of a bottle of Fifty/Fifty Strawberry Mix
This was Mr. K’s drink and one of their new summer flavors. I really liked the colors and the cream base was quite nice and not too sweet.

Roasted Oolong tea with salted cheese foam
photo of Roasted Oolong tea with salted cheese foam
We mainly got this drink for the cup. Square Bar is always debuting new cups, including light bulbs, glass bottles and split cups, but this is my favorite one.
photo of a drink in a cup that says "Sip Me Baby One More Time"
Each side has a catchy phrase and the cup is perfect for their foam drinks because it has a sip opening similar to a sippy cup. Usually foam topped drinks are served with straws, making it really hard for you to get the foam with the drink. But with this design, you are able to have the liquid and the foam in a single sip.

We first tried salted cheese foam drinks at a boba tea shop in the Bay Area. It doesn’t really taste like cheese, but instead it tastes like a mildly salty milk foam that enhances the flavors of your drink. It’s similar to the foam served with sea salt coffee, but with a stronger dairy taste.

I loved how the salted foam really highlighted the subtle sweetness of the oolong tea. The drink was just the right sweetness for me.

Overall, we had a nice first visit. It’s been quite busy since their grand opening so we’ll wait a little while for things to settle in before revisiting, but we like that there are now two locations to choose from.

Square Bar Cafe
8155 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126

As stated above, this was a soft opening media day visit and our food and drinks were complimentary. All opinions expressed are my own.

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4 comments on “Square Bar Cafe (Mira Mesa)”

  1. I have seen the lightbulb containers too but didn’t realize they are always coming up with new drink containers! It’s a nice new spot in the neighborhood and I’m bringing Dennis there soon for some treats! Nice to see you two that day! πŸ™‚

    • Their drink containers are so fun! And I love that they are constantly adding to the menu. It was nice to see you too!

  2. I love how the panda looks like it wants to steal your drink πŸ˜‰