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It’s Boba Time

It’s Boba Time, a chain with several locations in Southern California, recently opened on Convoy Street, occupying the former Yoshinoya space. It’s a big space to fill and It’s Boba Time does so with its vast menu, offering more than 100 drink options, shaved snow ice, and shaved ice cups.

I was quite impressed with the menu, which seems to have every tapioca drink trend I’ve come across, with everything from the traditional milk teas, to frosty milks, sea salt coffees, smoothies and frappes.

I was also happy to see that the prices were quite reasonable. Most drinks were priced slightly lower than its competitors and they don’t charge additional for the tapioca pearls, which is quite rare. Most places charge $.50 extra.

Love this customized mural decorating the space.

Fruit Shaved Ice Cup

Old school shaved ice is given a pretty makeover, stacking it up in a cup with various toppings and ice cream. I like the tower cup appearance, but as Mr. K pointed out, this just looks like halo halo, the Filipino version of shaved ice which is also served in a cup.

Original Milk Fluff

I was really excited to try the snow ice, but was unfortunately disappointed. The snow ice was just too icy and watery and not creamy enough. There was a good amount of toppings (2 free ones are included along with a syrup), but the ice was just disappointing. Luckily, Iceskimo is doing their summer snow ice pop-up.

Cookies and Cream Smoothie

Because they have a top ten most popular list, we opted to try to make our way through it. This is listed as their second most popular drink. The creamy smoothie tasted just like a cookies and cream ice cream shake and Mr. K quite enjoyed it.


Milk Tea with Boba

I like to order the traditional milk tea as a standard to get an idea of how a boba tea place is. And since boba is in their company name, I had to test out the boba. The milk tea was decent, nothing special. The boba had a good chew to them and they managed to stay bouncy even hours later. They also were a tad smaller than the typical regular sized boba.

Overall, we had a pretty good time here. They offer free wifi and a stamp card to earn free drinks, so we’ll definitely be returning again to try out the other menu options. This is definitely the first boba tea place I’ve been happy with in a while.

It’s Boba Time
4344 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111


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8 comments on “It’s Boba Time”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I definitely want to go and try one of their items.  Too bad you didn’t love the milk fluff, it looked so good.  

    • it’s hard to see from the photo, but in person you can see it’s broken and icy. but the other stuff was good! i’d go to iceskimo for original milk snow fluff.

  2. I also really like the coconut-strawberry smoothie! I haven’t tried the Milk Fluff here but my friend said that the matcha one was too icy as well – I’d stick with Iceskimo (their matcha was pretty good). I was eyeing the Cookies & Cream smoothie last time, too – I was afraid that it’d be overly sweet but now I want to try it out =)

    • it is sweet, but tastes like an ice cream shake =) I still prefer milk teas since they arent as sweet but im really curious about their pistachio frappe and the sea salt coffee

  3. It’s nice to finally see a new occupant in this building. I kinda missed the Yoshinoya. That’s amazing how much selection they have. I don’t think I’ve tried a sea salt coffee before. 

    • i always get sea salt coffee at 85c. the sea salt is put into the foam so it doesn’t make the coffee itself salty. instead that hint of sea salt makes your coffee taste sweet, sort of how a lot of bakeries sprinkle a little sea salt on cookies and brownies.

  4. Hey, it does look like halo halo! 🙂 

    I told TC about this new boba place and she is curious now!  We’ll have to visit it one of these weekends. I just won’t try that snow ice but maybe a sea salt coffee.

    • I think TC will like this place, with so many drinks to choose from. Yes, stay away from the snow ice. I want to try the sea salt coffee next time.

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