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Mr A Cafe

photo of Mr A Cafe order counter
Mr A Café is located inside the new 99 Ranch Market Balboa location, serving various tea drinks including Preso tea. Presto tea is freshly brewed tea through a high pressure process, similar to espresso coffee making.
photo of the Mr A cafe menu

We’ve been trying to make our way through the current food vendors inside the new 99 Ranch Market and this place definitely intrigued me, especially with the Presto tea. Ever since OO Tea opened inside the original 99 Ranch Market, it’s been our go-to place for boba milk tea and we usually get it after shopping there, so I was hoping for something similar at the new supermarket.
photo of the Mr A Cafe prestotea
After we ordered our drinks, they were brewed to order with this machine.

Classic Milk Green Tea with Boba and Osmanthus Oolong
photo of Classic Milk Green Tea with Boba and Osmanthus Oolong drink
How cute are these cups? I chose the classic milk green tea and found the green tea flavor quite strong. I didn’t mind, but it was noticeably stronger than most milk green teas I’ve had at other boba tea shops.

Because Mr. K’s drink didn’t have toppings or milk, it didn’t quite fill the cup. He enjoyed the tea though.

Overall, we’re happy there is a boba tea place inside this new Ranch 99. It looks like they are starting to serve some desserts as well which I will have to try next time.

Mr A Cafe (inside 99 Ranch Market)
5950 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92111


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