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We recently had a few revisits to T-Pop Desserts & More. They’ve changed quite a bit since our initial visit and it’s now my favorite place for honey toast.

Gone are the cutesy spaces and decor. Instead, they’ve gone for a more modern black and white color scheme. The menu has largely been changed as well, adding several ramen bowls and other cooked food options. They still offer their brick toast and have also added other fun desserts like ice cream hot pot.

Hello Aloha

Four scoops of pineapple coconut ice cream, toast, red beans, condensed milk, almond slices, jackfruit. The ice cream is served in a pot over dry ice. As a result, you see smoke flowing out from the sides and piping out from the top like a volcano.

This made for a fun show and it’s an enjoyable dessert to eat with a group of friends. I especially liked that each piece of toast was perfectly toasted, crunchy and sweetened.

They have three other ice cream hot pot options which seemed really good too.

Godiva Honey Toast

During a visit with CC, we each ordered one of their elaborate Shibuya honey toasts. I chose this Godiva one which is like a chocoholic’s dream, with chocolate ice cream, Godiva truffles, godiva chocolate bars, mini chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, and custard.

One of the issues I often have with this type of toast is that usually the inside toast cubes are really plain. But here, each one is brushed with honey butter and toasted on all sides, so that each piece is quite tasty even without the ice cream and sauce. This is how I prepare mine at home so I was really happy to see the same effort applied here.

Paris Toast

CC chose this version. I loved that they drew an Eiffel tower on the side of the plate.

Mega Ramen

On another occassion, Mr. K and I decided to try the ramen. For $5.99, this was a huge bowl of ramen, topped with crispy wings and gyoza and fried shumai. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of the noodles, which tasted really eggy.

Honey Toast

We also tried the simple original honey toast. The toast was perfectly toasted with just the right amount of honey and butter. It’s topped with a simple vanilla ice cream and drizzled with more honey.

Overall, we really enjoyed our recent revisits here. The place is quite busy but everything arrived quickly. I love all the dessert options and especially the honey brick toast.


T-Pop Desserts & More
8945 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, California 92126
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6 comments on “T-Pop Desserts & More”

  1. That’s what made the toast cubes so good, they were individually toasted! I like that they offered different “city” versions of brick toasts. They are just so big though. TC enjoyed my leftovers later that day. One of my friends saw my photos of your dessert and mine and she went the next day (she got the London toast).

    • I love the all the diff city versions! though next time i might just get the regular honey toast which was a more manageable size and really yummy

  2. i’ve been curious about this place for a while but never tempted enough to go inside. but omg that godiva toast is so tempting, maybe as a special treat! oh and the hot pot revamped into dessert is nifty! 🙂

    • I really love it here! you should def try it. esp with a group of friends so you can share the enormous desserts!

  3. I’ve been wondering about this place for awhile, especially since I saw they just added ramen and other foods. I was thinking of going with some co-workers and I think your post just convinced me to finally check it out! I love that Paris plate, so cute with the Eiffel Tower design!

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