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T-Pop Desserts & More

T-Pop Desserts & More is a new dessert and boba tea shop that opened a few weeks ago. I was drawn in after seeing pictures of their honey brick toast.

The decor is interesting, with different themes and styles for various spaces in the store. There are board games, couches, whimsical tables, etc.

At the front, they have a display case full of desserts, including macarons, cakes, and pastries. They also offer various tea drinks, brick toast, and crepes.

Matcha Frappe and Milk Tea

I ordered a matcha flavored frappe. I love that they serve it in the mason jars with handles. The drink had a good matcha flavor but was too icy.

Mr. K ordered a regular milk tea, which was quite sweet.

Shibuya Honey Toast

They offer several variations of brick toast, and you can even create your own combination. We chose to go all out with the Shibuya toast, which is topped with matcha ice cream, fresh berries, matcha pocky sticks, macaron and pudding.

I was quite pleased with the presentation and I was happy that this came out in just a few minutes. Most places that serve this elaborate-style brick toast usually take close to half an hour. Having made it myself several times, I know it doens’t take that long.

I enjoyed most of the toppings, except for the pudding which had quite a mushy texture. Inside, the bread is hollowed out and cut into mini cubes, which are toasted and sweetened with honey. The toast cubes were the perfect size. I’ve had ones that are far too big and some places where half of the toast cubes seem to be missing. They were toasted just right too. They could have used a little more honey, but overall, I enjoyed this. The brick shell was easy to cut into and eat and it was also toasted.

Overall, we had a pretty good time here. The drinks were a little disappointing and a bit overpriced, but I enjoyed the brick honey toast and want to come back and try more variations. I’m also curious about the crepes. Mr. K also noticed that they serve a “high tea” which we are curious to try.


T-Pop Desserts & More
8945 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, California 92126

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10 comments on “T-Pop Desserts & More”

  1. I highly recommend going back up for another try. They have completely revamped their decor and menu. Also, I had a simple milk tea here and it was additively delicious. They’ve added a food menu and I have to say that their pork katsu curry made my day. <3

  2. Hmmm, must make a trip up to Mira Mesa!  🙂

  3. Ooh I’m excited to try this place! Sad to hear the drinks are disappointing =( But I am really looking forward to that gorgeous brick toast… :9

    • maybe i just haven’t found the right drink yet. but i love the space. it’s sort of like Up 2 You, but much bigger space and much shorter wait. and i really liked the brick toast. might try the original honey next time.

  4. I just remembered yesterday this place was opening soon in my neighborhood and I saw it had a “Now Open” sign out front. I have never tried brick toast before! It looks so good with the toasted cubes put back inside.

    • now is your chance to try it! I was in the plaza getting pancit from manila fastfood and saw the big sign and the pictures of brick toast. wanted to go right away but I had my family in town that weekend. happy this place has opened!

  5. How does it compare to the Guppy’s brick toast? That’s the only brick toast I’ve ever tried. My friend actually worked at Guppy’s for a while and she said the secret to their brick toast was just lots and lots of butter. Sounds about right 🙂

    • It’s been awhile since I went to Guppys. When I used to visit, theirs was just a large piece of brick toast, and they didn’t hollow out the middle and fill it back with individual toasted cubes. not sure if they’ve since changed it? I always felt that the Guppys ones were too sweet. I like that the toast here is just sweetened with honey and maybe a little butter, and so even with all the ice cream and toppings, it didn’t feel too overwhelming.