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Tpumps is a boba tea shop chain that has become very popular in Northern California. During my last visit home, my sister introduced me to this newest trend in tapioca tea: adding multiple pumps of flavored syrups.

Truthfully, I didn’t think I would enjoy it, but the endless lines when we passed by had me intrigued.

On the day we visited, there was a line, but with so many employees working, it moves very fast. I found it a little amusing that a firetruck had pulled over to the side and there was a group of firemen inside waiting for their drink orders.

A standard drink allows you up to three pump flavors and there’s quite a few to choose from, ranging from fruit flavors to almond roca and pumpkin spice. Here is what we ended up with.

From left to right:

  • Black milk tea, with mango and pineapple syrups.
  • Black tea, honey boba, with strawberry, lychee and pomegranate syrups
  • Black milk tea, honey boba, with guava, mango and lychee syrups
  • Passionfruit slushie

I was wary about mixing milk tea with various syrups, but it was the most popular combination. I was right to be worried because I didn’t really care for it at all. I don’t have an issue with flavored milk teas, but the artificial syrups really didn’t blend well with the milk tea and it just tasted off to me.

The black tea mixed with the syrups was a little better combination, but still not something I would order again.

Overall, I didn’t really enjoy the drinks we had here. Maybe its an age thing, but I just didn’t care for mixing so many artificial sugary syrups in my drink and would rather stick to the traditional drink options. I’m curious if this trend will make its way to San Diego.

Tpumps (various locations)
19959 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA95014


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8 comments on “Tpumps”

  1. i’ve been here countless times, and while the drink combinations may make your drink overly sweet, you have to learn what combos are best. my #1 drink is rose vanilla green milk tea with lite sweetness, and boba — it’s incredibly delicious and i think you would like it if you had received some reccommendations of what to try!

  2. Those kind of drinks sound super sweet and not too appetizing, for me at least.  Interesting concept though.

  3. Every time I past the store, there was always a line out of the store, even late at night. Couldn’t figure out why the store is so popular

  4. I think I am with you on this one, sounds odd and not surprised the taste was subpar. I tend to not like artificial syrups either (the most I’ll do is maybe a vanilla latte).

    Last year at the Brazilian festival in PB I got ‘passion fruit’ shaved ice. The syrup was bright red (first mistake) and tasted like bubblegum and grape cough syrup. Clearly whoever made this had never seen or tasted a passion fruit before. Haha.

    • so glad i’m not alone! i’m just amazed at how popular it is. The line is always out the door and they have several locations throughout Norcal.

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