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Kung Fu Tea

photo of the outside of Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea recently opened in San Diego, specializing in bubble tea drinks. They have several other locations throughout the US.
photo collage of the inside of Kung Fu Tea
We saw the big “coming soon” sign months ago and I was quite curious. For some reason, every time I see the name, I think of the Kung Fu Panda films. We stopped by during the soft opening and also tried again during the grand opening this past weekend.

photo of the menuphotos of different signs in the restaurant

The store has a lot of interesting artwork, displayed throughout, which is also available for purchase. They also have ample seating.
photo of the art on displayphoto of decor

White Gourd Milk Tea
photo of White Gourd Milk Tea
I tried the white gourd milk tea, which is an offering I haven’t seen at other bubble tea shops. I enjoyed the strong tea flavor and found the sweetness level just right for my liking (I did order it less sweet). I found the boba to be just average. It wasn’t too soft or hard, but it wasn’t particularly memorable either.

Oreo Oolong Milk Tea
photo of Oreo Oolong Milk Tea
This was Mr. K’s choice. We both expected this drink to be on the sweet side, so we were surprised when it tasted quite the opposite. I’m not sure if they made a mistake when making this drink or this is simply how it is usually. Again, there was a strong tea flavor, but I don’t think that really worked with the crushed Oreos. Without making the drink creamier or sweeter, it made the combination taste strange and a little bitter.

We decided to try them again during their grand opening, where they were also doing a buy 1 get 1 free promotion on select drinks. However, the lines were out the door and I was just not willing to wait.

Overall, we had a decent first experience. The unique menu offerings show some promise, but we’ll probably wait a few more weeks for them to settle in before revisiting.

Be sure to also check out visits by Jinxi and Michael.

Kung Fu Tea
4869 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111

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6 comments on “Kung Fu Tea”

  1. Definitely have been hearing a lot about this place recently as well. How do their drinks compare to Sharetea?

    • It was a little hard to compare since Kung Fu Tea is still settling in. Right now, I prefer Sharetea, but once KFT settles down, I’ll give them another try

  2. That’s the nicest Kung-Fu Tea I’ve ever seen…the shops are pretty standard looking on the East Coast. I guess they’re trying out a new brand image?

    • Oh that is interesting. I haven’t been to any other location so I don’t know what the other shops look like. I do like how this one looks though! Much nicer than most of the bubble tea shops in San Diego

  3. I went their last night and it sure was busy there! I got the whitegourd green tea and really should have gotten it less sweet. My friends and I all decided that the drinks were too sweet at the normal sweet level. 

    Fun thing though, they were playing Kungfu Panda when we were there! 

    • Aww, I missed out on Kung Fu Panda! haha. Hmm, maybe they are still getting the levels down with the sugar. Mine was less sweet, which is what I ordered. My husband’s was not sweet enough even though he got regular sweetness.

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