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Peggy’s Kitchen Desserts at Infini Tea

Peggy's Kitchen desserts at Infini Tea
Infini Tea recently began carrying desserts made by Peggy’s Kitchen, a local baker in San Diego, who specializes in cakes and other desserts.

I was invited in by Peggy and had the pleasure of meeting her while sampling the desserts. She is originally from Taiwan and she did culinary training in San Diego. In addition to the desserts served at Infini Tea, she also makes the most beautiful cakes. You cake check out some of them on her Facebook and Instagram. I hope to order one next time for a special occasion.

Chocolate Dome with black tea brûlée
Chocolate Dome from Peggy's Kitchen

I can never resist ordering one of these chocolate dome-shaped desserts whenever I see them. But this is the first time I’ve seen one with black tea. The cake has several layers, including the black tea infused brûlée, dark chocolate mousse, dark chocolate cake and crushed butter cookie base.
Interior of Chocolate Dome from Peggy's Kitchen
I enjoyed this unique take on the chocolate tart. With it’s beautiful glossy and smooth exterior, I can see why it is the most popular offering.

Matcha Azuki
Matcha Cake Roll with Red Bean Filling from Peggy's Kitchen
This is a Matcha flavored Japanese cake roll, filled with whipped cream and red beans cooked in brown sugar, which she cooks herself. Packaged sweetened red beans are usually extremely sweet and something I try to avoid, so I was so happy to learn that she makes her own and you can definitely taste the difference.

Growing up, cake rolls seemed to be at every family gathering and I got rather sick of them. But since living in San Diego, it’s not something I see often and I ended up really loving this. It had such a lightness and delicateness to it, and I can picture myself eating this in the afternoon with a cup of hot tea. I let Mr. K have a few bites, but ate almost all of it myself. It was my favorite of three desserts we sampled.

Custard Pudding
Custard Pudding from Peggy's Kitchen
I confess, I’ve never been a big fan of custard puddings, but I did enjoy this one. With hints of vanilla and caramel, it was very creamy, but not overly rich. Like the rest of the desserts we had, it was lighter and not as sweet as the typical versions you’ll find in the US.

Thai Tea, Ice Milk with Pudding & Honey Boba, Matcha Milk Tea
Tea drinks from Infini Tea
While we were there, the owner of Infini Tea offered us some drinks to go with the desserts. I love they matched the desserts so well. Also the logo on the cups are so adorable!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been back at Infini Tea. I always loved their cute logo and would come in occasionally for their milk tea drinks, but with so many new places to always check-out, I have’t visited in over a year. I’m glad we revisited though. I am reminded of all the drinks they have to offer and I need to remember to come back to try some of the food, especially the new sizzling dishes they are now serving.

Overall, we really enjoyed the desserts made by Peggy’s Kitchen. If you prefer more delicate, Asian-style desserts that aren’t overly sweet, you will likely enjoy these desserts. I loved meeting Peggy and hearing her story of pursuing her baking passion. I’d definitely order one of her desserts next time I’m at Infini Tea and plan on ordering one of her cakes in the future.

Please note, as indicated above, we were invited in by Peggy and the owners of Infini Tea and our desserts and drinks were complimentary. All opinions expressed in this post remain my own.

Peggy’s Kitchen

Infini Tea
4690 Convoy St #111, San Diego, CA 92111

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