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Hidden Fish

Hidden Fish is the first omakase only sushi bar to open in San Diego. The restaurant also introduces the trendy speed omakase concept to San Diego.
photo of a dish served at Hidden Fish

Omakase is a Japanese phrase that means “I’ll leave it up to you,” giving the sushi chef the freedom to choose what is served to you. Timed dining, or speed omakase as it’s often referred to in the U.S., is something that is commonly found in Japan but only recently became popular in the U.S., especially in cities like NYC and Washington, D.C. Speed omakase in the U.S. also tends to be more affordable than traditional omakase.
photo of the outside of Hidden Fish
There are two dining options: a 30-minute 12 piece meal priced at $50 or a 90-minute 18 piece meal priced at $90. The sushi is sourced from a variety of local sources and also from Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Fish Market.

The restaurant seats 13, with 8 seats and two chefs dedicated for the 30-minute service and 5 seats with head “Chef Kappa” for the premium 90-minute experience.

Here is what we had that evening:

sea bream, chive
photo of sea bream with chive

yellowtail, chimichurri
photo of yellowtail, chimichurri

seared salmon, yuzu, sesame seeds
photo of seared salmon, yuzu, sesame seeds

photo of albacore

stripe jack, shiso
photo of stripe jack, shiso

shrimp, parmesan shavings
photo of shrimp, parmesan shavings

tuna, truffel oil
photo of tuna, truffel oil

seared scallop, mustard, plum salt
photo of seared scallop, mustard, plum salt

toro tartare, scallions
photo of toro tartare, scallions

uni, ikura
photo of uni, ikura

seared mackerel, pickled kelp
photo of seared mackerel, pickled kelp

yellow tail, shiso, picked radish handroll
photo of yellow tail, shiso, picked radish handroll

At the end of our 30-minute meal, we were given the option to order additional dishes a la carte. We opted to splurge on the priciest item on the menu ($19), an indulgent bite consisting of toro topped with uni, sturgeon caviar and black truffle.
photo of toro topped with uni, sturgeon caviar and black truffle

Overall, we enjoyed our initial visit to Hidden Fish. Though it may not compare to similar-style omakase meals we had in Japan, we thought the quality of ingredients and preparation put into the fish was reasonable for the price point. It is also a good introduction to omakase dining. For those concerned about the pacing, I actually didn’t mind the 30-minute time limit. Since the sushi are essentially one bite pieces, I never felt rushed over finishing and felt there was sufficient time to enjoy my food (and take my photos). We will definitely be back to try the 90-minute experience.

Reservations can be made online via resy.

Hidden Fish
4764 Convoy St Ste A, San Diego, CA 92111

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2 comments on “Hidden Fish”

  1. the photos are beautiful. i heard about this place recently but have yet to try omakase in the first place! thanks for sharing your lovely visit! 🙂