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Hotel Legend Saint Germain by Elegancia (Paris)

I have an obsession researching and documenting the hotels I stay at, but I’ve been pretty bad about actually writing about my experiences. I’m going to attempt to try to blog about my hotel stays on weekends, starting with the lovely hotel we were at during our stay in Paris last year.

The hotel is located in the heart of Paris, within walking distance to many attractions and many of our favorite spots. The staff was very welcoming and spoke English quite fluently.

When we entered our room, it took my breath away. Mr. K remarked “Why didn’t you book this for our honeymoon?” Sheer, billowing, floor-to-ceiling curtains surrounded the bed, evoking such a romantic feel. There were also delicate gold leaf twinkling lights above the bed and next to the curtains.

The bed and pillows provided were Tempur-Pedic ones. I confess, until this experience, I didn’t really understand the fuss over Tempur-Pedic. I had tried other similar memory foam beds like Sealy Posturpedic and hadn’t felt anything special.

But when I slipped into this bed, it caressed my entire body, hugging and supporting every crevice and curve. It was like the most nurturing mother holding me and whispering “Relax, everything will be okay now.” It was the most refreshing night of sleep I’ve ever had and my aching body felt completely healed the next day. Later when we returned to the US, we shopped around for a Tempur-Pedic since we were buying a new bed for our house, but we balked at the price. We then tried several other memory foam, non-spring beds, but none of them compared to that experience in Paris. Maybe one day we’ll be able to splurge on a Tempur-Pedic bed.

The room itself had a decent amount of space, especially for Paris hotel standards. Our previous hotels could barely even fit the two of us and our luggage.

And just look at these windows leading to a charming balcony view. I loved staring out them in the morning.

There was also a small office area, pristine white and modern looking.

Guests are also provided one complimentary bottle of water, in a very nice glass bottle. We kept ours as a souvenir.

Bathroom amenities included soaps and shampoo from L’Occitane. The shower, to my pleasure, was a rainfall shower. I discussed my love for rainfall showers in my Hoxton hotel post. It’s basically like taking a shower in a heavy rainfall. No need to move around your body or showerhead to get under the water stream. You just stand there and every part of your body is hit with equal amounts of water. It makes bathing so much easier and relaxing. I hope I can get a rainfall shower in my next home.

While we rarely  used it, there was also a big flat-screen tv.

Overall, we had a wonderful stay at Hotel Legend Saint Germain by Elegancia and hope to stay there again next time we get an opportunity to visit Paris. You can read my other Paris posts here.

Hotel Legend Saint Germain by Elegancia
151 Bis Rue De Rennes Paris Paris 75006 France

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