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Ice cream mochi

As you may know, I’m obsessed with mochi. One of my favorite variations is ice cream mochi. I recently got these ice cream mochi from Trader Joe’s. I’ve bought ice cream mochi from Trader Joe’s before, but on my last trip I noticed a new brand of ice cream mochi.

The ice cream flavors are dairy free and come in mango, coconut and chocolate. What really caught my eye were the details of the mochi molds. Usually ice cream mochi is just a smooth layer of mochi skin on top. But these each had a intricate design on top.

Taste-wise, these were not my favorite. I prefer ice cream mochi that have a chewy outside layer, since mochi should be chewy. The layer on these ice cream mochi were not very chewy. I still think they are really pretty though.

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  1. hi kirbie
    those look really cool – interesting shape.i’ll have to try some next time i go to trader joe’ are the flavors mixed or did you have to buy 3 boxes for each flavor?

    at first glance i thought you made ice cream mochi’s.

    • I wish I could make them this pretty! All three flavors come in one box actually, so you can try all three flavors at once. =)

  2. Too bad they don’t taste that great. I remember I use to tons of ice cream mochi when I was ucsd and you could buy it with your meal card. I think those were smaller though. These do look very pretty. Have you tried making your own?

    • I have but it was a mess! Not worth the hassle in my opinion. There is a lot of prep work and rolling the mochi dough out is tiring too.

  3. so interesting! I miss trader joes! I think my favorite ice cream mochi brand is Mikawaya.. i love the flavors and texture and just right sweetness

  4. hi kirbie
    i bought a box of those last night. it’s already gone!

    i forgot they were dairy free. no wonder the filling had a diff’t texture. of the 3, i liked the chocolate the best, followed by the coconut. the mango i didn’t care for.

    i also liked that ice cream to mochi ratio. it seemed like there was more ice cream than in those other mochi ice cream treats. the mochi covering was kind of thin on the bottom and sides. loved the designs on the top but dont’ think they’re really ‘necessary’. but yeah, they’re pretty. 🙂

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