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Iceskimo (New Store)

Iceskimo, a Taiwanese-style snow ice shop, opened its permanent location this past weekend.

As you recall, I posted about Iceskimo when it was a pop-up inside Pangea Bakery over the summer. I’ve been really looking forward to the store opening, since it’s my favorite spot for snow ice in San Diego.

The new store has a slightly different concept. Instead of choosing from a preset menu or creating your own by ordering toppings and ice flavors, the toppings bar is self-serve and the final ice cup is priced by weight, similar to the self-serve frozen yogurt method.

First step is choosing your ice flavor. They will then shave it into a cup for you, and then you take the cup and choose your toppings and syrups. When you’re finished, the final product is weighed. Each of ours were between $4-5.

Salted Caramel Snow Ice with almond pudding, mochi, raspberries, strawberries, and condensed milk

This was my creation. This was my first time trying the salted caramel flavor and I really enjoyed it.

Black Sesame with crushed Oreos, strawberries and condensed milk

Mr. K tried to recreate the Cookie Monster, which was previously served over the summer at the pop-up shop. We both really enjoy the black sesame snow here, which has a really creamy texture and a rich black sesame flavor.

Overall, we had a good experience at the new store. I’m actually not that much of a fan of the price by weight because it makes me more conservative on my toppings, but it is something different and it gives you more customization options. I still enjoy the ice here though and I like that they make their own ice blocks, which allows them greater liberty to create flavors and adjust as needed. The weather has cooled down the last few weeks, but hopefully that won’t stop people from coming in, as I really hope this store succeeds.

Tip: They have a frequent stamp card, so make sure you get one of those to earn a free ice.

4609 Convoy St Suite B
San Diego, CA 92111

4 comments on “Iceskimo (New Store)”

  1. I like the self-serve toppings! Great idea! Can’t wait to try their new shop!

    • I can definitely see the appeal and why people would like it! I’m not so big on toppings, so it wasn’t as exciting for me, but I like that they are doing things a little differently. Definitely go and visit them though! Since it’s soft opening, it’s not too crowded yet. I imagine things will get really busy after their grand opening on Nov 1

  2. Ooh didn’t know the new location was open already! I lucked out and went on the VERY LAST DAY of the pop-up shop and got to try the pre-made cookie monster. YUMMY! Interesting that it’s a weight thing now.

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