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Iceskimo revisits

Iceskimo has been our “go-to” spot for snow shaved ice this summer, a dessert originally from Taiwan that shaves blocks of ice made with water mixed with milk, cream or condensed milk to have a creamier texture (it’s like a cross between traditional shaved ice and ice cream). The pop-up store located inside Pangea will have its own physical store next month, located at 4609 Convoy Street.

The pop up offers various snow ice flavors, fresh watermelon juice and Belgian street waffles.

Cookie Monster (black sesame snow, crushed oreos, strawberries, condensed milk)

This is our favorite flavor. The black sesame is very creamy, with a deep sesame flavor and it’s not overly sweet. I could do without the Oreos and strawberries, but Mr. K really likes the toppings that come with it.

Bruce Lychee (lychee snow, mango pieces, lychee jelly, condensed milk)

In addition to their signature menu flavors, they’ve been experimenting with other flavors which they offer as weekly specials. The lychee, with it’s clever name, was one of these weekly specials. The lychee ice was pretty good, though not nearly as creamy as the black sesame. I liked the abundance of mango pieces but found the jelly too soft.

Belgian Waffle

On our first visit, we sampled the Belgian waffle and thought it tasted pretty good so this time we ordered a full one. I thought it looked a little pale, but it was actually quite crispy.

On another visit, we stopped in for dessert with Eva of Eva Bakes, who was in town visiting and wanted to try snow ice. It was so fun to finally have a face to face meet up with a fellow blogger after becoming “friends” online.

Mango Snow (mango snow, mango, condensed milk)

This reminded me a lot of the lychee flavor. You could taste the mango but it’s slightly icier than the black sesame. It’s still enjoyable though.

Cookie Monster

Mr. K has already decided he no longer wants to experiment with flavors. He’s set on this one.

Overall, we enjoyed our visits here. We’ve enjoyed all the snow ice flavors we’ve tried so far except the Bubble Tea, which I recommend you stay away from. As a reminder, they will be at Pangea until mid September and then move a few blocks down to their storefront, in the same plaza as Jasmine (4609 Convoy Street). They currently offer a stamp card where you get a free ice after your 10th purchase.

My original post can be found here.

Iceskimo (located inside Pangea bakery)
4689 Convoy St
Ste 100
San Diego, CA 92111

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8 comments on “Iceskimo revisits”

  1. I probably won’t get to try this place until they have their actual store. The parking in that little strip mall will suck though, ha ha.  Can’t wait to try their black sesame, just not with strawberries on it.

  2. I saw your IG pic this week too! Black sesame is already a good flavor but the strawberry and oreo addition looks fantastic to me! I want to try them all (gotta bring more friends along). 🙂

  3. I haven’t tried the waffle here yet… I’m actually kind of surprised we haven’t run into each other here yet, since S and I are here pretty much every weekend, too XD

    • i’m surprised too! actually it’s funny, when I went this weekend and IG’d it and then i saw three other people IG from iceskimo on the same day. thought it was so weird i didn’t run into any of them. hehe

  4. Thank you for introducing me to Icekimo and Liang’s Kitchen! I am so happy to have finally met you in person and cannot wait to try your other recommendations this week. 🙂