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Izakaya Sakura

Izakaya Sakura
3904 Convoy St #121
San Diego, CA 92184
(858) 569-6151

When I first started going to Sakura, I was pretty much in love with it.  You can read my previous posts here, here and here. Over the last few months, my love affair has died down quite a bit.  There are still some good dishes I like to eat there, but the raw stuff has been a bit off on visits.  Makes me want to drive to Little Tokyo instead for some good sushi.

For one of Boyfriend’s birthday dinners, we paid Sakura a visit. In addition to their regular dinner menu, they also had a specials menu, which I took some pictures of.

Boyfriend ordered some tuna.  It was at market price, so it ended up costing about $20 for this plate. I didn’t think the tuna was very good.  Also the little white threads inside the pieces were really chewy and hard and I had to spit them out. I expected higher quality fish for the price.

I ordered an uni don.  The uni was good.  But I felt like there wasn’t as much as usual. The seaweed accompanying the uni was hard and chewy rather than crisp and light. The uni don came with a side of pickled cabbage and some miso soup.

Boyfriend ordered a spicy tuna don.

This was pretty good, but not as good as the spicy tuna bowl we had at Fukada.

We also ordered a Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard)

I was a bit disappointed with this dish as well. I thought it was too bland.

Next time I think I’ll stick to going to Sakura for lunch and stay away from the sashimi and sushi.

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One comment on “Izakaya Sakura”

  1. Too bad lunch wasn’t better. But then again, you never know until you try it. And it’s always worth the effort. Here’s to better meals in the future.

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