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JJ’s Place Bakery & Ice Cream

This weekend we went to check out JJ’s Place after I read rave reviews about the giant ice cream sandwiches.

The bakery offers various cakes, coffee and cookie ice cream sandwiches.

For just $2.95, you choose 2 cookie flavors and an ice cream flavor.

I chose snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookies with cookie dough ice cream.

I was really surprised at how enormous the cookies were. This was definitely meant for sharing.

Mr. K has been obsessed with Affogato after we had it in Boston. It’s usually ice cream with a shot of espresso.

Here, they actually layered it so it looked like a parfait. It was a generous amount of ice cream with the coffee.

We didn’t try any of the cakes as we were pretty sugared out from the ice cream sandwich. We thought the prices here were pretty reasonable, especially for the ice cream cookie sandwiches. We’ll have to try come back and try some of the other stuff soon.

Mr. K really liked the seats with the outline of espresso cups.

JJ’s Place Bakery and Ice Cream
5487 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117

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14 comments on “JJ’s Place Bakery & Ice Cream”

  1. that marshmellow cake looks so good my teeth are hurting!
    i thought the cookies just looked big bc you took a close up pic….they are that big in reality ?

  2. This place looks so adorable! I love ice cream sandwiches but haven’t gone to Baked Bear yet since I hate driving to PB. lol. I wonder if the purple frosting is ube, because that would be awesome.

    • I don’t think it was ube, unfortunately. If it had been I totally would have gotten it. It was a normal flavor but they used food coloring to make it more Halloween themed.

  3. how does their ice cream sandwiches compare to baked bear? (basically, how are their cookies? lol)

    • The JJ cookies are sweeter, thinner, but also bigger and chewier. I think it really depends on one’s personal preference. I like both this place and Baked Bear. I actually like getting the brownie and cookie at Baked Bear so I was kind of hoping for that option here.

  4. I’m so glad I saw your review of this place as we drive by it weekly on the way to swim class. We’ll definitely have to try it now!

    • I saw mixed reviews on the baked goods on Yelp, but we really enjoyed the coffee and the ice cream cookie sandwich. I’ll have to try the other baked goods next time for myself.

  5. Cool, I’ve heard of this place from Cathy. I’ve got to try it out with TC and Bert. Do you know what flavor that cupcake was with the black and purple frosting? For affogato, I like that dessert too! I like how Caffe Calabria does it. They use a scoop of gelato. One of my friends has those chairs with the coffee cups in her kitchen dining room! It looked so familiar! 🙂

    • When I was at the shop someone asked about the purple and black one, but I completely forgot what the employee said it was anymore. Sorry!

  6. Looks good Kirbie. This place is almost across the street from my office…..I guess I’ll check them out the next time I buy stuff for the staff. It’s nice to have a post like this since I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

  7. The Mister and I went here the first time two weeks ago. It’s family run and most of (not the fried donuts or bagels) the baked goods are made fresh here. I want to try a slice of pie. The coffee selection is good.

    • I had a feeling it was a family run shop. We were asking about the place but they the employee on duty I think was like a college student or something so he wasn’t very talkative. heh. But I like the prices and the feel of the shop.

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