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Kogi BBQ

photo of the outside of Kogi BBQ

Kogi BBQ in San Diego (not to be confused with the LA food truck), is an all-you-can-eat Korean-style bbq restaurant.

The setup is similar to most other Korean bbq places, though they do offer a happy hour price and they have a slightly bigger selection of side dishes, including a very enjoyable corn cheese.
photo of the menu

We tried it out for the first time with a group of friends, including Jinxi and S. Lucky for us, S wanted to do all the cooking, so we just sat back, watched, and ate.
photo of meat cooking on a grill
There are a few set menus you can choose from and everyone in your group must choose the same one. We chose the premium set at $25.99.
photo of a bowl of kimchi
In addition to ordering several rounds of meat, we also ordered a few of the included sides.

Stone Pot Egg
photo of a bowl of Stone Pot Egg
This is one of my favorite side dishes to order. I love that the egg is still cooking and bubbling when it reaches you. The egg was silky and flavorful.

Corn Cheese
photo of Corn Cheese
This was my first time having corn cheese. Much like anything else covered in melted cheese, this was very tasty.  It’s a good balance of sweet and salty and we ended up ordering seconds.

I didn’t take too many photos of the meat orders because it’s just photos of raw meat. Our favorite cuts were the Prime Ribeye Steak, Prime Finger Ribs, Prime Shortrib and Beef Tongue.

photo of sliced Prime Ribeye Steak
photo of sliced meat on a plate
Overall, we had a pretty good time here. I don’t think the meat quality is quite as good as Manna BBQ, but this is a slightly cheaper option and I do like the side dish choices. Service was pretty good as well. Our grill was changed out several times and they always brought out our re-orders promptly.

Kogi BBQ
5447 Kearny Villa Rd
San Diego, CA 92123
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