Krispy Kreme (Japan)

Today is National Doughnut Day! In honor of that, I’m sharing one of my doughnut stops in Japan.

One of the things I like doing on international trips is checking out chains from the US and seeing the different menu options. At the Krispy Kreme in Tokyo, there were quite a few different donut flavors not offered in the US. They were also celebrating 10 years in Japan and so they were featuring a signature flavor from each year they’ve been in Japan.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful the donuts were. Each one was so picture perfect– almost a little too perfect. They actually reminded me of the fake display dishes that you sometimes see at Japanese restaurants.

Daddy’s Coffee Chocolate

I was immediately drawn to this one because of my love of coffee. I thought the little chocolate coffee beans on the doughnut were so adorable.


Mango Jelly

I also chose this mango jelly, which had little pieces of candied mango on top. There was also a jelly-like layer over the frosting.

While I enjoyed the flavors of the donuts, the texture was a little off for me. They lacked the chewiness and fluffiness that I love in a good yeast-raised donut. These tasted like a lighter –perhaps healthier– version of the donuts I’m accustomed to.

They also seemed to have a bigger selection of drinks than the US stores, though we didn’t try any.

Overall, it was interesting to experience this US chain in another country. The donuts tasted just okay but they were very cute.

Krispy Kreme (Tokyo)
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