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Poké Go

photo of the outside of Poké GoPoké Go opened last year, making it one of the first poke-centric restaurants in San Diego. The restaurant focuses on poke and Asian fusion dishes.

The restaurant space is small, with only a handful of tables for dine-in guests. After perusing the menu, we placed our order at the register and then waited for it to be prepared in the kitchen.

I have to admit, it felt a little odd not having a poke station out in the open, where you can see all the options and watch them making it. But the menu did have a decent selection for a custom platter, including choosing from five fishes and five seasonings.

Poke Bibigo
overhead photo of Poke Bibigo

Rather than building my own platter, I decided to go for their Poke Bibigo, which combines Hawaiian poke with Korean bibimbap. Shoyu flavored poke sits on a bed of shredded vegetables, rice and a side of spicy vinaigrette gochujang sauce. 

This was such a colorful plate. We did a combination of tuna and salmon and the fish quality was pretty good. I did find the shoyu seasoning a tad too salty, though the raw vegetables did help to balance that out.

Overall, it was a nice first visit to Poké Go. We’ll hopefully be back soon to try out a few other poke platters and some of their other dishes.

photo of the menuphoto of the menu

Poké Go
3614 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

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