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‘Lette Macarons

‘Lette Macarons, a popular macaron chain in Los Angeles, recently opened a kiosk inside the UTC mall.

The beautiful displays of macaron towers have been attracting a crowd. There was a steady stream of customers when I visited, with most people seemingly just drawn in, like bees to honey. The macarons are not made in San Diego, but rather are brought over from Beverly Hills.

The prices are a little bit puzzling. A single macaron costs $1.95. However, 2 macarons will cost you $4. But if you then decide to spring for 6, they will only cost you $11.

I ended up choosing a box of six since there were quite a few flavors I wanted to try. I really loved the box the macarons came in, with the ‘lette symbol embossed on the box. And it came with a cute bag too.

I chose sweet almond wedding (their most popular flavor), rose, cassis, passion fruit, coconut, and Madagascar vanilla.

I was worried the macarons might not be fresh, since they are not made on site, but they still tasted pretty good. My reaction to each one varied greatly. Some of the shells lacked flavor and the fillings were too sweet. Others, the shell flavor was spot-on. I really enjoyed the Madagascar vanilla, which had a powerful aromatic punch of premium vanilla. The violet cassis and passion fruit shells also had good flavor depth. I found the almond wedding way too sweet as a result of the almond paste filling.

Overall, I enjoyed the macarons here. While they don’t rank near the top of my favorites, they are pretty and tasy. If you love macarons and you live nearby, it’s worth a visit, especially since the macaron scene in San Diego has remained fairly sparse.

‘Lette Macarons
Inside UTC Mall
4545 La Jolla Village Dr
San Diego, CA 92122

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10 comments on “‘Lette Macarons”

  1. I went today after reading your write up, and thought they were awful! The macarons tasted as if they had been previously frozen. After recently visiting Paris, I noticed these macarons did not have the flakiness that macarons are known for. The “lette” macarons almost tasted like play dough to me. Additionally, some of these macarons were already cracked. Looks like I won’t be coming here again.

    • sorry you had a bad experience. The macarons are brought over from Beverly Hills so i wonder if their freshness depends on which day you get them. With regards to Paris, none of the macarons I’ve had in the US measure up to Paris, I’ve just sort of accepted that.

  2. Yay, they’re finally open! Cathy and I only went to the Pasadena location. I liked their selection of flavors. I remember liking their Caribbean chocolate, mango and the sweet wedding alomond.

    The Pasadena prices were:
    1 for $1.75
    mini box for 2 – $2 (cheaper without the box)
    Gift box of 6 – $10.50
    Gift box of 12 – $21

  3. I thought the almond one was too sweet as well, almost overpowering. I was too excited to eat them that I didn’t take any good photos, haha. I work nearby though, so it’s easy for me to revisit or pop over on my lunch break. Yay!

    • I got them right before coming home, so I was able to take a really quick photo before eating them. I was worried the sun was going to set before I could take a photo and I was complaining to D that I didn’t have the willpower to wait to eat them. haha.

  4. Maybe the cost per macaron per box goes down once you get above a quantity of 2? I’d probably give them a try the next time I’m down in UTC for lunch. Their kiosk certainly looks pretty!

  5. I like the flavor variety here-have only been to the Pasadena location. If you order two, you have to ask to be put in a bag, then the price is lower, otherwise it’s a special two piece box. Gateau secs!

    • I figured it was a box for the 2 piece, though the 6 and 12 also come in boxes and the prices are still reduced. It just seems so weird to price the 2 piece more. I like all the flavor choices here too.