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Liang’s Kitchen revisit

I originally posted and visited Liang’s Kitchen the first week after it opened. Now that it has had some time to settle down, I thought I’d pay it another visit.

The first thing I noticed was that they have raised several of the menu prices (sorry I didn’t take a picture). Not a huge mark-up, but items like their signature beef rolls are now more than $7 a plate, which I think is kind of steep for the dish.

They also have several new drink offerings, including Beijing yogurt. I’ve never had Beijing yogurt but I read about it on mmm-yoso and have been really curious.

We ordered the honey Beijing yogurt. We received a container of yogurt with a straw. The yogurt was quite thick, closer to the consistency of the spoon-eaten yogurt rather than a yogurt drink.

We started our meal with the three item stewed appetizer. It came with bean curd, pig ears, and beef tripe. The dish was slightly spicy but I really liked this.

FH, who used to want beef noodle soup all the time, suddenly has decided he is sick of beef noodle soup now that it’s more readily available in San Diego. So I suggested he try one of the lunch specials instead, which comes with rice and some small sides. He chose the fried pork cutlet.

The pork cutlet was huge. However, the piece of meat was quite fatty. I wish they had used a leaner cut. It seemed like the fat pieces got the most bread crumb coating, whereas the actual meat chunks barely had any crumb coating.

We liked the little sides that came with the lunch. It included a soy egg, some pickled mustard greens, ground pork served on top of the rice, a few slices of japanese pickles, and some cabbage vegetable medley. A lot of these items are pretty traditional side dishes served with Taiwanese lunch combination meals.

I stuck with the beef noodle soup again.

The flavor of the beef broth was better this time compared to my first visit. Still not super strong, but not as weak either. The noodles this time also had more consistency.

Finally we ordered the pork roll.

We really loved the beef roll last time but we decided to try the pork roll to compare. The pork roll came with less pieces, and it cost the same, so this annoyed me. Also the hoison sauce inside was too strong, so I couldn’t really taste anything else. I’m not sure if this is always the case with the pork roll or if this was just a fluke. I definitely prefer the beef roll based on the experiences I had.

I know this isn’t nearly as good as some of the places I’ve eaten in the LA area, but I still think it’s a decent option for those craving Taiwanese eats in San Diego. You can read my previous review here which has the menu and an introduction to Liang’s Kitchen and dishes they are known for.

Liang’s Kitchen
4681 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111

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  1. Hey Kirbie – I actually thought the pork roll was better than the beef roll.

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