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Lil’ Orbits

Mr. K and I recently went to check out Lil’ Orbits, a small donut shop that makes mini made-to-order doughnuts.

Lil Orbits is actually the name of a brand of portable mini doughnut machines which can be used for food vendors, though here it is an actual storefront.

A dozen small donuts are $3.50 and you can choose two flavors.  We chose cinnamon sugar and chocolate which are the two most popular ones. For an additional charge you can also get glaze on the donuts.

After we placed our order, we watched the doughnuts being made. The machine works quite fast. Raw dough rings are fried as they float along a hot oil path. Then the machine automatically flips them over and they are dispensed into a tray. It took only a few minutes for all 12 to be ready.

Once they are done, they are dusted in the flavor of your choice.

The donuts are quite tiny and the entire dozen was consumed pretty quickly.

I preferred the chocolate dusted but Mr. K preferred the cinnamon sugar.

Overall, we both thought this they tasted much like the Pillsbury dough donuts I make at home. They are warm and fresh, but not anything special. They are open late though and situated near the bar areas so I can see the appeal.

Lil’ Orbits
1037 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109

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4 comments on “Lil’ Orbits”

  1. Those donuts sure are cute!

  2. The only time I ever have little donuts like these are when the SD Fair is in town. I always love going to get a little bag to share. How cute that there’s a store making them all the time now! It’s nice to see they’re made fresh to order.

    • I was surprised to find a store. I’ve heard of these at weddings and such events though this was my first experience with it.

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