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McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Menu

A few weeks ago, it was announced that McDonald’s would finally be answering many people’s wishes by testing out an all day breakfast menu. And to make it even more exciting, they chose San Diego as their testing city.

I spent most of my college years wishing to be able to get my hash browns after 10:30 AM, so I stopped in earlier this week to check it out.

While it’s not the full breakfast menu, it does offer most of the favorites.

We decided to order Hot Cakes, sausage, hash brown and an Egg White Delight McMuffin.

Everything tasted as it always does, but I got to enjoy this at noon instead of early in the morning. After we left, I realized what I should have done was order some regular menu items and combine them with the breakfast items, like sticking a piece of hash brown into a burger. Oh, the possibilities! I will have to experiment next time.

I’m hoping this testing phase does well so we can see this roll out permanently. Not all the McDonald’s in San Diego are participating, but my understanding is that the majority are.

Update: Reader Jess provided a link that lists all the McDonald’s participating.



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8 comments on “McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Menu”

  1. Jack in the Box used to have a ‘Brunch Burger’ on the ‘Munchie Menu’ (only available from 9 pm-5 am) and it was a bacon cheeseburger with hash browns on a croissant, which I craved; it was the perfect combination of flavors, similar to the Carls Jr Breakfast Burger. Of course that’s what I can do at McDonalds now…during daylight hours!

    • I’m excited to mix and match breakfast with regular menu stuff! I didn’t know about the JIB one. I have had the Carl’s Jr breakfast burger with the tater tots and it’s one of my favorites!

  2. haha that’s exciting! i would get the hash browns as a late night snack! 

  3. Well now, I must check out my local  McD’s. I want to try their hash browns. Sticking it in a burger sounds like a great idea!

    • haha, it’s probably not the smartest meal choice but it sounds delicious doesn’t it? I really love the hash browns here and I’m so excited I can get them any time of the day now.

  4. Very good news! I happen to crave a Sausage McMuffin w/egg right now in the pm. Wish they would put the big breakfast in the all-day menu. I found a page that has the list of participating locations.

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