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McDonald’s Mighty Wings

McDonald's Mighty Wings

For the football season, McDonald’s released a limited time menu item: Mighty Wings. The wings are deep fried and spicy, just the way I like my wings. Even though I had my doubts, I couldn’t resist heading over to my nearest McDonald’s to try them out.
McDonald's Mighty Wings 1
A 10-piece was priced at $8.99, so a little less than one dollar per wing. Mr. K thought the price was a little high, especially compared to KFC’s hot wings.

The wings were quite plump and didn’t look dry or dehydrated which can happen at some other fast food places if the wings have been sitting around too long.
McDonald's Mighty Wings 2
They were quite crunchy, due to the breading. While KFC’s hot wings have a more uniform and smooth crunchy batter, here the crunchy part comes from the individual bread crumbs.

Biting in, the chicken is quite juicy and definitely has a spicy kick. The wings come with dipping sauces of your choice, but I didn’t even need the sauces.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. While my favorite wings are Kyochon’s double fried wings, I thought McDonald’s wings stacks up well to its competitors like KFC and Popeye’s. I would like to see them reduce the price a little.

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8 comments on “McDonald’s Mighty Wings”

  1. mrK is right. 10 wings for 8.99 + tax is WAY TO MUCH.
    POPEYES is the only place to get chicken IMO bc of their wonderful louisiana spices.

  2. When I was in Hong Kong, I used to eat these wings a lot. When I saw that US McDonald’s starts to sell them. I couldn’t resist, so I got some on Sunday. The flavors were pretty much like I remember. As you said, I like that they were juicy and a bit spicy. But I found the breading a bit too thick, maybe it was the problem of that specify McDonald’s. I will try them again soon.

    • Oh your comment reminded me that I did see that some of the Asian McDonald’s have wings, so I guess it isn’t too much of a stretch for them to have it here.

  3. Ooh I was wondering if you were going to try these. Just saw an ad for it last night. I’m really excited about them now haha, was so sad when McDs around here stopped offering chicken tenders.

    • I was pleasantly surprised with these. Heh. I’ve become a little obsessed with trying all the new offerings at fast food places. I don’t think it’s a very healthy obsession

  4. Okay. The wings sound wonderful, but are they gluten free. I understand that chicken nuggets are gluten free, so are the wings also?

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