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We recently had a family dinner to celebrate two birthdays. As usual, the request was for all you can eat sushi. We’ve pretty much exhausted all the all you can eat sushi options in San Diego. Out of the ones we have tried, our previous favorite was Mister Sushi, so we decided to go back there.

Things have changed since our last visit. The first thing we noticed was the remodeling. The restaurant previously had two large sushi bars, with tables sandwiched in the middle. But one of the sushi bar areas had been removed and replaced with tables. They had also changed the system.

We previously were able to sit at a table and enjoy the all you can eat. But now customers are required to sit at the bar. However, they made an exception for us if our entire party chose the all you can eat option.

The all you can eat menu appeared to be the same as our previous visit.  The price was also still the same, $28 per person.

One of the reasons we had previously liked this place was that we got all of our orders quickly and there weren’t any “forgotten items” like with all the other AYCE places we went to.  However, this time around, almost all of our orders were messed up. When we asked to see the menu, we saw many items crossed off, indicating we had already gotten it, but we never got them. The screwed up orders definitely made the dining experience frustrating.

As a result, we didn’t really enjoy this last visit and probably won’t be back. Here are the sushi orders we did consume.

Agedashi tofu



I forgot what these were.

This was one of the specialty rolls, but I don’t remember which one.

Salmon collar

Salmon nigiri

Gyoza. These were really mushy and did not have any sort of crispy skin.

More nigiri and specialty rolls

Chicken teriyaki. We didn’t order this but the waitress accidentally ordered it for us. She told us to keep it since it was already made.

I think this is spanish mackeral nigiri.


I think this is halibut

Vegetable tempura. I actually thought this was pretty good.

Smelt eggs.


Surf clam

Mister Sushi
111 N El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 944-2800
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8 comments on “Mister Sushi”

  1. surprised to see uni and mackerel at an AYCE place. I think the first two are yellowtail (front) and amberjack or albalone behind..just guessing though.

    what was on top of the uni?

    • I think we did order yellow tail. I don’t believe we ordered amberjack or it wasn’t on the menu. One of the reasons I liked this place previously was because they offered uni (limited 2 orders per person, but that’s still 4 pieces). The uni was okay, not as great as other places. They had some black caviar eggs on top of the uni.

  2. What a bummer experience, at least you were with family and friends though! Everything from your pictures does look appetizing though [except for maybe that salmon collar?!]!

    • The salmon collar was actually pretty good. haha. But yeah, it doesn’t look that nice. The meat is tasty near that area.

  3. I have yet to find an AYCE sushi place here that makes us happy, but we also don’t get over to the coastal areas much. That’s too bad the service totally changed (for the worse)!

    So – where do you think you’ll go from AYCE sushi now?

    • Ah, maybe Tadashi in downtown la jolla. They have decent quality fish for their AYCE. If we have a big group, we’ll probably go back to Yoshi in Mira Mesa, because they allow people to sit at the tables rather than at the bar. It’s hard to have a bday dinner if everyone is spread out across a bar.

  4. A shame about the service, because the food looks really yummy! Hope you had fun at Comic- Con…and yeah, you definitely have to have patience experiencing it with kids but it’s doable! Lucky for us, our son can entertain himself by coloring for hours. And yes, the Tintin panel really was great. I almost took my son to the Kung Fu Panda panel instead, but I’m glad I didn’t 🙂

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