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Monday Reset Juice Cleanse from bBar

During my last few trips in the Del Mar area, I couldn’t help but notice bBar Vitality Bar, which always seems to be buzzing with customers coming in and out. bBar is a juice and superfood bar that sells a variety of pressed juices, smoothies, salads, and raw foods. They also offer a few juice cleanse programs.

They have a menu of healthy items to choose from as well as already made juice bottles, salads, etc.

Recently, I was invited to sample their one day “Monday Reset” juice cleanse. After feeling pretty positive fro my first juice cleanse experience, I really wanted to give this a try. Plus, it is only one day, which seemed like something I could actually completely stick to.

On Sunday, I went to pick up the Monday Reset. I was given a bag, which contained five numbered bottles, a kale salad and a beaming bite, which is like a raw protein cookie. You are supposed to drink the juices throughout the day, in the order they are numbered. You can eat raw foods if needed and there is the kale salad and beaming bite.

Having the salad and snack ball really helped. For me, the biggest mental hurdle of a juice cleanse is the need to munch on something or anything. I can feel completely full from juice but I won’t feel satisfied until I’ve actually ingested something solid- even if it is just a bite of salad.

The first juice tasted strongly of celery, but still tasted good and I felt like I was pumping my body with greens to make up for all the bad stuff I had eaten over the weekend. Each juice bottle had a different mix of ingredients, keeping your taste buds interested. The only one I really didn’t care for was the beet juice centric one (bottle 2) because I don’t like beets. I managed to get through the entire one day reset without caving in and I actually didn’t need to finish all my juices to feel full. It really helped to have the salad and raw ball to munch on when that urge hit.

And the next day I felt fantastic. The thing I’ve found about juice cleanses is that while they are hard to stick to completely, if you can keep your temptations in check and actually get through it, you really do feel great after. Weekends are usually full of indulgent foods. After a Monday filling myself with various vegetable juices and raw foods, I woke up Tuesday feeling really great and full of greens. I really didn’t want to let go of the feeling and even managed to eat healthy most of Tuesday as well.

You can learn more about bBar’s offerings on their website.

Disclaimer: Please note, as indicated in the post, I was invited to try out the Monday Reset and my cleanse was complimentary. My opinions remain my own.

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