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Mostra Coffee revisits

Last year, I wrote a post on Mostra Coffee, one of my favorite coffee spots. Now almost a year later, it still remains on our regular rotation.

We love their cold brew as well as their other coffee drinks. We purchased a growler of cold brew early on, and come in every few weeks to get it refilled for just $20.

While there, we always try to get one of their other coffee creations. Here are some of the ones we’ve tried.

Jamonstra Almond Fudge Con Panna
photo of Jamonstra Almond Fudge Con Panna
Double shot of fortissimo espresso, chuao chocolate, honey whipped cream, honey, vanilla sea salt, shaved caramel almond. If you’re planning on drinking at the store, make sure to ask for it in a glass to get this nice presentation. This is one of my favorites. It’s on the sweet side, but reminds me of a chocolate candy bar.

Campfire Shot
photo of a Campfire Shot
Espresso, graham cracker, chuao chocolate, raw honey. Most of their coffee creations can be made as a latte or a shot. We ordered a shot for this one and also got it to-go. I think this drink might be even better with some torched marshmallows.

Creme Brulee
photo of Creme Brulee
Espresso, caramelized sugar. Not quite as fancy as some of the others, but I liked the sprinkle of caramelized sugar.

Salted Caramel Con Panna
photo of Salted Caramel Con Panna
Homemade salted caramel and whipped cream. They make their own whipped cream, which is a nice touch. For this one, we remembered to ask for it in a glass!

photo of the menu

Overall, this is still one of our favorite coffee places in San Diego. It’s actually a little out of our way, but we don’t mind the drive because we love them so much. The staff is always so friendly and welcoming. If you follow them on social media, they announce collaborations with breweries and other limited edition items they are working on. We previously purchased one of their barrel aged cold brew bottles and it was pretty amazing. The store is currently only open to the public on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

You can read my initial post here.

Mostra Coffee
12225 World Trade Dr, San Diego, CA 92128
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4 comments on “Mostra Coffee revisits”

  1. Mostra is one of our favorite coffee shops. Their specialty drinks are so unique and the quality of their beans is excellent. The staff is so welcoming and friendly. I love supporting businesses that are Filipino American owned as well.

  2. We love our neighbors at Mostra! Next time you’ll have to stop by and say hi, we’re just opposite!

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