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Myungrang Hot Dog

Myungrang Hot Dog, a popular Korean hot dog chain, recently opened its first San Diego location. It is located inside the new H Mart food court.

The opening comes shortly after the opening of Chung Chun Rice Dogs, another Korean hot dog chain. So San Diego now has two options for the trendy Korean street food.

I visited Chung Chung Rice Dog several times during its soft opening but was also very curious about Myungrang, a chain I kept coming across when I was doing research on Korean hot dogs. They also have U.S.-based locations in Los Angeles and San Jose.

Korean hot dogs, sometimes referred to as Korean rice dogs or Korean corn dogs are hot dogs rolled in a rice flour batter and deep fried. They are then finished with sugar. The hot dogs come in several variations, including ones that contain only cheese and no actual hot dog.

Myungrang’s menu is similar to Chung Chun’s, though each of them have a few menu items the other store does not. On each of my visits to the new H Mart, Myungrang has had the longest line of all the food court restaurants. The order line moves fairly fast but you do wait longer for your order.

We tried the original hot dog, potato dog, squid ink, rice cake, and mozzarella.

The biggest difference between Myungrang and Chung Chun is the batter. Myungrang’s batter appears to have a higher ratio of rice flour because the texture of the coating is chewier, like mochi. Chung Chun’s batter also uses rice flour but the coating is fluffier and not as chewy.

Myungrang also rolls the finished dogs in sugar rather than just dusting them with sugar, resulting in a lot more sugar sticking on the hot dogs. However, you can request for light sugar or no sugar at all. I didn’t mind the sweet finish for Chung Chun’s version but I thought Myungrang’s was too heavy on the sugar for this mostly savory treat and had to request light sugar on mine.

Our favorite hot dog variations were the all mozzarella and squid ink. I’m not really a fan of the hot dogs they use so I preferred the ones that were all cheese or at least half cheese. Fortunately, they have a lot of cheese options. I would have liked the potato dog more if they used smaller potatoes because the potatoes did not crisp up enough.

So which place is better? I think both restaurants offer a good rendition of this trendy and tasty Korean treat. And it will really just come down to personal preference. There are aspects I like from each spot and I think they are both worth trying out to determine which place you prefer.

Here is a breakdown of the differences from each location.

Chung Chun Rice Dog

  • They offer a Volcano dog that uses a spicy sausage which is my favorite of the “hot dog” options.
  • Because it is a standalone store, you are able to watch your hot dogs being made, which is quite fun.
  • While the line to order can sometimes be long, once you place your order, it only takes a few minutes for it to be ready.
  • Their potato dog uses smaller potato pieces.
  • They offer a crispy ramen dog.
  • Their batter is more fluffy and less chewy.
  • They finish their hot dogs with a light dusting of sugar.

Myungrang Hot Dog

  • The batter is much chewier, like mochi.
  • The line to order moves pretty fast. However there is a longer wait time to get your food and you can’t really watch your food being made. But if you are dining in, you can wait for your food at a table in the food court.
  • Since it’s located inside H Mart food court, it’s convenient to eat here before or after grocery shopping.
  • They roll their hot dogs in sugar so they are coated in a lot more sugar. However, you can also request light sugar or no sugar.
  • Their squid ink hot dog is equal parts cheese and hot dog whereas Chung Chun’s version uses a smaller amount of cheese.
  • They offer a rice cake hot dog.

You can read about my visit to Chung Chun Rice Dog here or check out my homemade Korean Hot Dogs recipe.

Myungrang Hot Dog
Located inside H Mart food court
7725 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92111

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8 comments on “Myungrang Hot Dog”

  1. Thanks for making the comparisons! I haven’t been to either yet; it’s hard to believe we now have two Korean hot dog places in SD! I was at the new H Mart on opening day, and the store and food court were so busy. And I felt sorry for the folks who were trying to park in order to go to 24 Hour Fitness.

    • It’s crazy how we went from zero to two so fast. Lol, I was thinking the same about the 24 Hour Fitness people. I went opening weekend. Also stopped by again this weekend and still really hard to find parking

  2. This was such a helpful review. Can’t wait to try both places despite the long waits. Glad to know you can request light/no sugar at both locations.

  3. I tried both this week and think I prefer Chung Chun Rice Dogs (both were very good though). Similar to you, I preferred less sugar & the less chewy batter. I also think the quality of the sauces at Chung Chun were a lot better/made with higher quality ingredients. I do want to retry Myungrang & ask for light or no sugar + try a cheese/meat combo.

  4. Great comparison post Kirbie! My friend and I tried Myungrang this morning. We had the standard hot dog and the squid ink one. We didn’t realize that the sausage for the squid ink dog would be so small, as only 1/3 of it was cheese filled towards the top of the dog. I liked the crisp exterior and the chewy coating. It’s quite different from anything I’ve had. I would need to try the Chung Chun version so I can compare as well. After I read your post, we decided to not have sugar on our dogs at all. The girl kept trying to convince us but my friend said we would prefer no sugar even though she kept saying “it was popular” to have it that way. No thanks, ha ha.

    One thing we noticed was a sign that said only 5 dog per person. That being said, the person in front of us apparently ordered FIFTEEN!!!! What the…

    So this really slowed down our order. The person behind us was irked as well. I don’t know why the workers did not tell the customer before us to limit their purchases. Fifteen. Gosh.

    • I’m surprised they allowed one person to order 15! They definitely enforced the rule during my visits. Glad you got to try it. I think you’d enjoy trying Chung Chun’s too because you can watch your hot dogs being made.

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