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I tried out a pizza place this weekend that I think is definitely worth the drive to Little Italy and the struggle to find parking.

Napizza is a casual pizza joint that opened a few months ago. What really stands out about their pizza is the dough. Appearance-wise, it looks like your average thick pizza crust. But when you bite in, you’re treated to a delightful light crunch, which lasts all the way to the last bite. The crust is almost impossibly light, given its appearance. According to the manager, flour is imported directly from Rome and is left to rise for 72 hours, which is what creates the light and airy crust.

DH and I have been in a bit of a pizza rut since our honeymoon, having had some fantastic pizza in Italy. While we didn’t think this pizza resembled the Roman pizza we were exposed to (the Roman crust we experienced was cracker-like thin), it is still delicious nonetheless.

Normally, I’m not a pizza crust eater, but the crust was my favorite part. I especially liked that no matter the topping, the crust maintained its crunch. Sometimes the heavier pizza toppings or marinara sauce can cause a crunchy crust to get soggy.

Premade pies are on display so that you can order by the slice. You can also order whole pies as well. One downside is that seating is quite limited. Only a handful of tables are available indoors, and there is some additional patio seating outside as well.

Truffle Porcini (Porcini mushrooms, truffle cream, sprinkled with fresh mozzarella and garnished with parsley)

This was my favorite slice of the three we sampled. The pizza was piled high with plump mushrooms, and the small porcini ones added a rich and buttery flavor to the regular mushrooms. The truffle cream added even more richness

Each “slice” actually consists of a rectangular piece sliced into two smaller triangle slices.

Parmigiana (Signature tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, eggplant and parmigiano reggiano sprinkled with homemade basil pesto sauce)

I loved how vibrantly colorful this pizza looked. I did find the tomato sauce a little too tangy and acidic for my personal preference, but it was still an enjoyable pizza. Here’s a close-up of the thick crust which tastes so light and airy.

Old Fashion Amatriciana (Signature tomato sauce, crispy bacon, sprinkled with fresh Roman pecorino cheese.)

This was DH’s favorite. Can you guess why? It’s because of the saltiness of the bacon which you could definitely taste in the sauce.

Seared tuna salad

Napizza also offers fresh salads. There is a salad bar where you can choose to have a custom made one or you can choose one already on the menu. The salad portion was huge, big enough for DH and I to split. This is a great accompaniment to the pizza or eaten alone if you want to be healthy and can resist eating the pizza. The salad was full of different vegetables and topped with pretty lightly seared slices of tuna.

We had a really good time dining here and it seemed like everyone else was enjoying their dinners as well. Satisfying crunches could be heard from tables away. We’ll definitely be back soon.

Disclosure: I was invited to try out Napizza and our food was complimentary. I was not paid for this review and my opinions are my own.

1702 India Street
San Diego, CA 92101
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8 comments on “Napizza”

  1. I’m with with CC. The Truffle Porcini slice looks amazing. Nice pics Kirbie. (I’m getting hungry. )

  2. A friend of mine who lived in Italy for some time likes them as well. I do like their commitment to quality, and love the design, but I wish they would back up their nutritional claims with a bit more information.

    • That’s a good point. I wasn’t really sure about whether the pizza is “healthier” as they say on the website. I just know I like how it tastes.

  3. The pizzas that I had in Europe were rectangular, too, although the slices were usually sold by weight. The quality of the pizzas and salads look wonderful.

    • Yes, the manager mentioned that in Italy it is sold by weight, but that is too complicated to do here, so they just sell by the slice. We were only in Italy for a few days and the pizzas we had were at sit-down spots, so it was just a set price for a whole pie. We didnt get a chance to visit any pizza vendors, so I didn’t know about the sold by weight thing.

  4. After reading your post and Mary’s, I definitely want to go here! I especially want to try that mushroom slice and the one with bacon!

    • Yes, definitely go! It’s been a long time since I’ve been excited by pizza. I loved that my pizza stayed crunchy until the last bite, even though I let one of the slices get cold while I was photoing and trying everything. I actually pass by this place a few times a week, and it just makes me crave it more.

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