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New Paris Baguette and other Zion Updates

The Paris Baguette inside Zion Market opened this weekend. We happened to be there to do some shopping and I was super excited when I saw signs of life for Paris Baguette. We also noticed some more additions to the new Zion market, like new food court restaurants.

First, Paris Baguette. It’s about the same size as the one located inside H Mart.

There were a lot of the same items: fully decorated cakes, croissants, other pastries and breads, sponge cakes, macarons and more.

I did notice a few different items. They had larger macarons that looked somewhat fancy, whereas the H Mart location has mini macarons. The larger ones were being sold at $15 for 6 though, which was on the pricey side. I haven’t really enjoyed Paris Baguette’s macarons so I didn’t try these.

I also noticed some colorful sausage and pizza breads which I hadn’t seen before and a bigger fruit tart selection.

While shopping at the new Zion, I noticed that they are indeed going to have a food court. Already operating is CDD Tofu & Grill. There were some empty sections for future restaurants. There was also a sign for a Boba Bar, though it’s not yet open.

The cooked food bar that was empty during my soft opening visit now is up and running. There appear to be two small businesses cooking there. One is offering fried chicken and the other is offering various other fried items like tempura. I was really curious about the fried chicken as I’m a big fan of the korean fried chicken. We didn’t get any on this visit, but we plan on checking it out soon.

I dived into my Paris Baguette baked goods as soon as we left. Here is what remained for a quick photo:

Chocolate croissant, canelé, and tapioca bread.

Here’s the sign for Zion getting ready to go up too:

You can read my first experience here.
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12 comments on “New Paris Baguette and other Zion Updates”

  1. How were the canelés?

  2. How exciting, especially with Paris Baguette now open! Now that I’m on break, I will have time to check it out! 🙂

    • Yay! I’m excited to see what other places will pop up inside the food court though I def want to check the one that is there now and also the fried chicken.

  3. I’m kind of waiting for more places to open inside Zion before I visit. I was at H Mart on Friday afternoon, and had no trouble finding parking. Was it crowded at Zion?

    • it was not crowded at Zion even though we went Sat afternoon which is usually super busy. I loved it! Lots of parking, so many lanes for checkout.

  4. Thanks for the update Kirbie!! I can’t wait to go to Paris Baguette. Lately I’ve gotten so lazy about driving all the way to H-Mart to get my bread & pastry fix. Looking forward to the food court in Zion Market, too!

    • I’m definitely excited by all the changes. I get lazy going to H Mart and now it looks like Zion will have everything and more. Can’t wait to try out all the food court stuff.

  5. I was just there yesterday! It really is such a huge location. The fried chicken place is actually pretty good – the nice guy there gave me a sample of a fried drumette and it was super crispy and fresh. I spied on some ppl eating stuff from the Tofu Grill place and I must say , the food looked pretty good.

    • I’m definitely curious about both. I was wondering if the fried chicken place gave samples! I should have asked. Oh well, I guess I’ll try it at another time. Love the big space.

  6. I’ll be checking out Zion this week, and visiting Paris Baguette (have you tried their coffees? They’re excellent!). Any word on what else is going to be in the food court?

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